THINGS FINALLY HAPPENED! Yes, shockingly, to myself as well, I actually made it through the episode when it aired. After maybe 20 seconds of expected conflict in last weeks episode, this week cranked up the action. I wished they spread it out over other episodes, but a lot of shows like to crank things up before a season ends.

We learned that Logan actually had a heart before he became a complete jerk. He was out on the road with Polar Bear with drop boxes, he lost his way when he wasn’t able to save someone at one of the rest stops. He ran out of gas and had to run to the rest stop that was on Polar Bear’s route. It was to late and the person died, the reason that Polar Bear didn’t make it was because Sarah ended up taking his rig, which in turn killed him.

Logan and his crew tried to get as much oil and gas as fast as they could from the rock quarry. They were extremely short sighted by trying to push production to hard, which in turn created to much fire and smoke. Logan keeps trying to talk about being apart of something bigger, and nobody could seem to go more in depth about it.

But no use getting to into that, June and John along with some help from the Rabbi and some others helped keep others walkers from totally over running the rock quarry, Logan’s crew got tired of it all and was ready to leave.


Like it or not a new Sheriff is in town. Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC

BUT, as things died down and Logan tried to strong arm our group, Logan and all his group were gunned down. This new group on horses, and hats were lead by Gina. Gina keeps talking about needing gas to do things bigger than what our group does. She also doesn’t elaborate what that entails, but will kill this group too if she doesn’t think they are vital. They have a key lapel on their jackets, and we did see a key on some map that Logan had. Luciana ends up offering to stay to run the quarry as long as they let the rest of the group leave, with some gas, to keep doing what they are doing.

So in the end, I’m very curious who this group with the key emblem is. I already like them better then Logan.