Source: New Girl // FOX

Episode Synopsis: 

As Jess tries to find a new vice principal, she discovers that she has a real problem when it comes to making decisions. Meanwhile, Cece enlists Jess and Reagan to help her recruit new models, and the guys are in for a surprise when they enjoy a day at the spa.

New models

Even though it looked like Cece was starting out on somewhat of a high note with her new business, sadly it wasn’t the case at all. Donovan is still her only model because everyone else she hires, gets taken by other major modeling agencies. Also, things get worse because Cece wants to bring some models in for a print ad, but now she has no models. Thankfully, Jess is such a great friend, and enlists her and Reagan to scout out some new models. I gotta say, I am loving all these Jess/Reagan outings. They’re super entertaining to watch, and this outing was no different. Jess and Reagan go to the bar, and their idea of attractive is on totally different levels. Jess goes for the average Joe, while Reagan approaches the usual, model type. When they regroup, things aren’t going very well, but they do manage to get one guy to join. When the new guy and Donovan meet though, things take a turn for the worst. This scene kind of annoyed me, because the writers made these guys like the usual stereotypical model type; stupid, but with good looks. Like they were REALLY STUPID. I know this was suppose to act as a source of comedy, but come on. It was like Cece was taking care of toddlers. Back to the audition. Since everything wasn’t going as planned, Jess and Reagan decide to bring along the average Joe’s to the audition, and realize that they’re the only ones that actually enjoy the food being sold in the ad. I guess that was a plus. We find out later that Cece’s boys actually sort of pulled through in the end, so another score for Cece. I hope these models can get their acts together and really help Cece with her business.

Sticking together

We find out in the beginning of this episode that Coach apparently took in a foreign exchange student and him and his girlfriend moved down south. Astonished by this news, Schmidt can’t believe that the gang has been so out of touch with their friend and immediately feels like the same thing will happen to him, once him and Cece officially move into their new house. Weirdly enough, Winston and Nick don’t really seem to care. To keep his friendship alive, Schmidt decides that him and the guys need to start a ritual, where they do something routinely. After turning down Nick’s idea of searching for change with metal detectors, Schmidt decides to bring the guys to a spa to get pampered. Things are going great and Schmidt is all smiles, until they find out that they signed up for Brazilian waxes. Instantly, the guys start freaking out and want to bail. To try to keep their spa day going, Schmidt reveals to the guys his insecurities, and says that he’s going to get waxed without them. Thinking this over, Nick and Winston decide that they all need to band together, and they go along with the waxing too. This in turn, makes for one of the funniest scenes EVER on the show. I literally could not stop laughing! 😂  The guys start getting waxed and the screaming, combined with the slow motion, was comedy gold! We end the episode, back at the loft, and the poor guys are in so much pain. What was funny though, was that the girls gave them no sympathy because they’ve gone through so much worse. Take that guys!