Ofmatthew survived being shot. She is in the hospital. She is on life support. They are keeping her alive for the baby it seems. June didn’t visit Ofmatthew for a number of weeks but now she is. She wants to be there for the birth of the baby.

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As June waits for the baby she notices many smells. She goes on to describe them in great detail. I am not quite sure if June is all there. Her hold on reality seems to get less and less. However, she been sitting on her knees for so long she has sores and has a very hard time standing up from her lower position.

June thinks often of killing Ofmatthew. She wants these endless vigils to end. As other handmaidens are in the room praying for Ofmatthew she has a seizure. They ultimately give her a tube in the femoral vein to ensure she gets more fluids. It is his hope that it controls the seizures. June begs to go home. She isn’t well but Aunt Lydia is punishing her for the way she treated Ofmatthew before she was shot. June stays at the hospital with the instructions of unceasing prayer.

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June digs the scalpel that was used on Ofmatthew out of the sharps container. June is ready to kill Ofmatthew. Ofhoward walks in as June is getting ready to cut Ofmatthew. Ofhoward tells Ofmatthew that she forgivers her and that she hopes she finds peace. June tells Ofhoward that they can help Ofmatthew by killing her to which Ofhoward reacts horrified. Ofhoward would never kill someone much less a child that is yet to be born. June promises not to kill Ofmatthew.

June has moved on from only contemplating the murder of Ofmatthew, to the murder of anyone. Of course, during this very trying time, Serena comes into the room. She is there in support of the lady who’s baby is in the bed. June tries to cut her. She ends up being cut herself and receiving stitches. June speaks of her mother. The doctor speaks with June about her suicidal thoughts and asks her how she will honor her daughters.

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Ofmatthew begins to bleed setting off alarms. The doctors are able to save the baby and bring it to NIC. June meets who I guess is to be a future Handmaiden as she heads out of the hospital. She then returns to the hospital.

How will June honor her daughters? What will happen to June as a result of her actions? Will she be put on the wall? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.