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Gotham S3 Ep13: Smile Like You Mean It Recap!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a recap on Gotham (those stupid hiatuses always). But I’m quite excited to be writing this recap because this episode marks the return of one of my favourite Gotham characters: Jerome. Let’s hope he stays in Gotham a little longer than last time. But let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

In the previous episode, we saw the return of Maria Kyle, Selina’s mother, into Gotham. Then we learned that Maria left Gotham 11 years ago because she had troubles with a man named Cole and that she still needs to pay off her debt to him.  In this episode, Bruce agrees to pay Maria’s debt to Cole. Selina is against it because she thinks that Cole will eventually come back for more. Regardless of this, Bruce still gives the money to Maria. When Selina follows Maria back to Coles hotel room, she is furious upon discovering that this whole thing was a setup between Maria and Cole. The only reason Maria came back to Gotham was because she discovered that Bruce and Selena were ‘a thing’, and that through her they would have access to his money. But Selina gets even more pissed when she finds out that Bruce suspected this but didn’t want her to learn the painful truth, so he just gave them the money. It seems that there are some troubles in this relationship of theirs. But they are still cute together, so they better make it up like right now.


Somewhere else in the outskirts of Gotham, Oswald wakes up after his horrible interview the day before and is met with Barbara’s face. She tells him that the way this interview ended wasn’t really good for his reputation since the press is now calling him weird names. Being the good girl Barbs is, she offers to help him to restore his grip onto the criminals of Gotham. Because if they all know that Barbs and Penguin are working together, she is safe because the criminals are scared of him. The first step to restoring Penguins power is to meet the crime bosses, a meeting Barbara will set up. So she leaves to give Oswald the time to get dressed and fix his hair.

When Oswald arrives at Barbara’s club, he is shocked to see nobody turn up. So he gets angry, because of the lack of respect and insists on fixing that. But then, Barbara gets a phone call from one of the crime bosses, telling that he has abducted Edward. He gets so furious, because he obviously still cares for Ed, although that is only one sided, and he starts to gather all of his men. But what he doesn’t know is that this whole thing is a setup from Edward, Tabitha and Barbara to take over Penguins power. So as soon as the phone call is done, the crime boss gets shot by Tabitha. Penguins men search every single hideout known to be used by the criminals, but they don’t find Nygma. But then the phone rings again. This time it is Edward himself, telling Oswald that he managed to get to a phone and to tell him that he is held captive somewhere, Penguin then immediately goes to that place with his goons.


Back in the club, Barbara and Tabitha have invited some other crime bosses to talk about the matter. Barbara gives Tabitha two options, the first one is where they try to convince the men that they are capable of protecting them. This option is quickly thrown out of the window because they are men and there is no way that they want to be protected by two women. So Tabitha goes for the second option, the one she likes best: shooting them all down.

But the main event happening in this episode is, of course, the return of Jerome! I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Dwight, the morgue guy who is a huge fan of Jerome, only has one dream: bringing Jerome back from the death. In order to do so, he’ll need to have his body. So together with a bunch of other Jerome fanatics, he goes to the Wayne Enterprise warehouse where all the things from Indian Hill are stored. That also means Jerome’s body, which Dr Strange had acquired when he died. After that has happened, the GCPD starts to investigate the matter. While they investigate the warehouse, Dwight and Jerome’s body are already completely somewhere else. Here Dwight tries to reanimate Jerome by electrocuting him with thousands of Volts. Something goes wrong and nothing happens. Time to try it again is not there because they receive a phone call from their mole within the GCPD that Gordon and Harvey know where they are. So instead of an alive Jerome, Dwight takes Jerome’s cut off face to wear as a mask and to motivate the Jerome fanatics some more.


To no surprise, the GCPD arrives too late at the scene and discover Jerome’s lifeless body. They soon find out that there must be a mole within the GCPD. In order to catch the mole, Gordon pretends to try and call the phone the mole used to expose him. What the mole doesn’t know is that because he called from the main line, Gordon has no way to track him down. But the mole gets nervous and tries to run, but fails. He is then interrogated by Gordon and Harvey in order to find out what Dwight’s next plan is. I must say, their interrogating techniques are not really the kindest and harmless. But then there is Lee to the rescue! She injects the cop with some kind of drug, to help him tell the plans some quicker. And it works, because Gordon and Harvey find out that Dwight and the fanatics are planning to take over the Channel 9 news studio. But when they arrive, the GCPD is already too late, the takeover has already begun and Dwight is already broadcasting while wearing Jerome’s face.


Meanwhile, Jerome’s body is taken to the GCPD morgue, where Lee is supposed to examine him. But goes away to inject the cop, when she gets back she is met with an empty examine table and a dead cop.  So it turns out that Jerome was actually affected by the electrocution, but it took a while for him to wake up. He questioned her for a bit to get to know everything that has happened when he was dead. He catches sight on the broadcast that Dwight is doing and he spots something familiar: his face. He dresses himself up as a GCPD cop to head to the Channel 9 building. At Channel 9, Gordon, Bullock and the Strike Force break into the building through the air vent. The Strike Force rescues the staff, shoot down lots of goons and arrests Dwight. After they come out of the building, Gordon gets a call from Lee telling him that Jerome is awake and that is after Dwight. Unfortunately, Dwight is already taken away by some cops who are overpowered by Jerome, who sneaks away in a news van. When we see him again, he is reattaching his face using staples. He has driven to the main powerhouse of Gotham, where he uses a camera to broadcast himself and the chained Dwight. He ignites the explosives strapped onto Dwight’s body, causing a citywide blackout in entire Gotham.

Thank you for reading and catch the winter finale recap next week here on TGON! I just have one wish for the next episode: please don’t kill Jerome again!

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