Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Poor Hawkeye can’t seem to catch a break, can he? All he wants to do is retire and spend time with his family, but then the Avengers Civil War happened. Then Thanos snapped away his family, leading him to spend five years as the violent vigilante, Ronin. Then he lost his best friend just to bring his family back. Through it all, though, he persevered and managed to get his happy ending with his wife and kids. However, this Christmas, Hawkeye’s past as Ronin comes back to haunt him as the master archer finally gets the spotlight in the new series, Hawkeye. That, and we get yet another member of the Young Avengers making their MCU debut.

This Christmas, Barton May Need Some Therapy

Source-Gizmo Story, Marvel Studios

It’s been two years since the events of Endgame and the final defeat of Thanos, and Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye, is doing everything in his power to make up for the five years he lost with his kids by taking them on a Christmas trip to New York. As much as he wants to enjoy his retirement, though, the universe just won’t let him move on from being an Avenger. Throughout the first two episodes, Barton’s constantly dealing with people recognizing him as Hawkeye. Being praised for saving the Universe is great, but at times, poor Clint’s patience seems to wear thin. It’s gotten to the point where he may not want to be associated with it due to the loss it’s led to.

Then there’s the other side of the coin. While using the restroom at Rogers: The Musical, Clint sees bathroom writing that reads “Thanos was right,” which visibly upsets him. Considering how Thanos’ misguided actions caused so much heartache for Clint, one can’t blame him for getting mad. Coupled with bringing back his family meant losing Natasha, it’s apparent that he’s got some issues he has to move past.

Unfortunately, the MCU insists that he deal with these issues in the most inconvenient way possible when the news starts saying that Ronin is back.

Enter: Kate Bishop, the Student that Hawkeye Didn’t Want

Hawkeye-Kate Bishop
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The first thing that the series actually does is introduce us to the other half of the series, Kate Bishop. In the comics, Kate was a young girl who was inspired by Hawkeye to learn archery herself. In the MCU, that motivation remains the same, with a notable exception. It’s revealed via flashback that Kate’s dad was killed when the Chitauri attacked New York. Kate would’ve died, as well, had Hawkeye not saved her, leading the girl to idolize the Avenger.

Flash-forward to Christmas, 2025, and Kate’s in college and a talented archer, athlete, and investigator. In other words, many of the things one would want in a potential superhero. Unfortunately, her youthful pride and inexperience gets her in over her head fairly quickly. Halfway through the premiere, she sneaks into a black market auction where she ends up absconding with Barton’s Ronin costume, not realizing how dangerous it is. As a result, she paints a target on her back for every criminal group in New York, forcing Hawkeye to intervene. At the end of the second episode, she crashes a meeting Barton’s having with one of those gangs, thinking she’s saving him. She wasn’t; he had it all under control.

Despite being annoyed by Kate’s inexperience, one cannot deny that Hawkeye and Kate Bishop have a strong dynamic going on. They’re both good fighters, master archers, and good at thinking two steps ahead of their enemies. Given enough time, and Barton will likely warm up to this girl who idolizes him as her role model. That is, if they can escape the Tracksuit Mafia.

That isn’t a joke, by the way. There’s a gang that’s dubbed the Tracksuit Mafia.

It’s the Most Violent Time of The Year

Some might question why Marvel’s doing yet another miniseries when fans never asked for it. The better question would be “why not?” Marvel does stuff like this all the time in the comics, and with the MCU now in Phase 4, it’s only natural that the film franchise broadens its horizons. In addition, with the release of Black Widow earlier this year, Hawkeye’s the only member of the original Avengers that hasn’t gotten a film or series focused on him. It’s about time that he gets centerstage.

The two-part premiere of Hawkeye may be a little slow, at times, but it’s got plenty of charm to it thanks to its two main characters. Also, you cannot help but either smile or cringe when you hear the lyrics to the song for Rogers: The Musical. If you’re a fan of the MCU, then this should be a fun story to keep tabs on for the Holiday Season. Here’s hoping that Hawkeye can make it home for Christmas

I Give “Never Meet Your Heroes” and “Hide and Seek” a 3.8/5 Each

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