On the previous episode of Riverdale, we witnessed the split between Cheryl and Toni which sparked Cheryl’s desire to announce the next school musical which is the Heathers. We all remember what happened the last time the cast united for harmonious songs, but now that the black hood is behind bars, we can hope for a happy ending……or not. Let’s just say Riverdale will never be the traditional small-town love scene as long as gargoyle gangs and fizzle rocks are on the streets. Hopefully, the gang will be able to free the town from its toxic traits.

Meet The Heathers

The Heathers is a classic film that exposes suicide and other graphic scenes that can be sensitive to some audience members. Although the Cherly picked this as the next school play, Hermoine disagreed. She didn’t agree with the exposure of suicide and other scenes that seemed inappropriate for school. We all know that whatever Chery wants, she gets. She ensured that Heathers was a shoo-in. The cast included:  Cheryl as Heather Chandler, Betty as Heather McNamara and Veronica as Heather Duke.  I didn’t like how Kevin’s relationship with the farm played a huge role in the casting. Evelyn still rubs me as a person that preys on people that are vulnerable just so that she can lower them into the arms of the farm. I’m not sure exactly what the farm is, but I highly doubt it’s an appropriate social group. The members continue to grow causing it to spread like a plague in the school. Even principal Wetherbee joined the farm. I have two conclusions too this. Either the farm members are drugging their new recruiters with fizzle rocks or they are brainwashing them with technology much like the sisters of quiet mercy.

The Lodges Split

The biggest shock of this episode had to be the split of Hermoine and Hiram. Not really, it’s really not a shock. Both of them have hit below the belt since reuniting after Hiram returned from prison to take over Riverdale. Somehow Hiram found out that Hermoine sold his drug stock behind his belt. To make matters worse, he also found out that Hermoine tried to have him killed. It’s not like Hiram didn’t have any enemies, he just wasn’t expecting someone in his family to go that far. I could see why Hermoine wanted Hiram dead after she caught him having an affair, but so did she. If she really didn’t want Hiram in her life, she should’ve taken her daughter as far as way as she could from Hiram, but Veronica wasn’t her main concern. Hermoine is mainly concerned about the lifestyle she has with Hiram and if she is widowed, she could still maintain that lifestyle. I was actually surprised that Hiram didn’t threaten her the way he did Archie when he found out he was a threat to his business.

Veronica took the news pretty hard, which made me surprised by her reaction. She knows her father is a sleazeball, yet she’s stressed about them divorcing. It’s literally going to be the same way it was in the first season when he was in prison. Veronica was doing just fine before Hiram, I don’t understand her sudden sorrow now, especially since she went behind his back also. Plus Veronica has maintained a rivalry with her father ever since he tortured Archie, so it makes no sense why she feels the need to feel bad about her dysfunctional family to stay together and continue to be trash people. Then she had the Gaul, no the audacity to sleep with Reggie again! Poor Reggie, used as a toy for Veronica’s rollercoaster emotions. The last episode she said that they need to be apart, now that her parents are splitting up, she wants someone to love on until everything is going her way again. I feel bad for Reggie because he is confused by Veronica’s affection as love. That’s Veronica Lodge for ya!\

Curtain Call

Before the show, Betty and Jughead decided to blow up his childhood home and Gald’s new drug lab. I’m pretty sure this action won’t shut her down, but it will send her a message. I’m also sure she won’t suspect the teenage lovebirds, she will point the finger at Hiram. She will then try to expose their family secret, but it’s too late. She will only be able to out Veronica for burning drugs that Hermoine had already sold. With dirty laundry aired out, it will only be a matter of time before Gladys finds out that her son is out to destroy her plans. Veronica’s parents were forced to attend the show to create one last happy memory before the process of the divorce begins. I love the cast vocals in unison throughout the play as well as Toni’s choreography. Luckily the split didn’t last too long because Cheryl and Toni reunited Musically. No matter what the two go through, I know that Cheryl will never love someone as much as she loves Toni. They’re meant to be.

Although some of the cast members were haunted by midges ghost, they put on a great performance. Before Archie and Josie were out in front of everyone, I thought that they put on a good show also. I was glad to see the two make things official, especially since Josie has always let her love for music excuse her from being in a relationship with anyone. Like I said before, I believe that Josie is good for Archie, but I feel like Veronica will eventually slide from underneath Reggie and slither to Archie.  I hope Archie won’t fall for her again. If he should date anyone besides Josie, I believe it should be Betty. Even though he doesn’t look at her as anyone to date, I believe it’s possible. Maybe she will join the farm and lower him into loving her. Speaking of the farm, how about that ending? The grand entrance of the one himself, Edgar Ever never. It was very dramatic, but a perfect way to end this episode

Rating: 5/5

I rated this episode a 5/5 because I loved the musical moments between cast member as several plots began to build. I also loved that Jughead and Betty finally took action by sticking it to Glady’s. Right now she believes that she is untouchable, but her son is a Serpent and serpents bite. It was also great to finally see this marvelous man that the farm members praise for their rebirth. Just because he fooled everyone else, he will never fool Betty into believing he is this lifesaver. Actually…… he kinda dressed like a lifesaver wearing all white to a school play.  I’m interested to see how many cast members will join the farm after Evelyn used the school play to recruit new members. I’m sick of Evelyns holier than though attitude, something is so off with that girl. I’m also looking forward to seeing how Glady’s will retaliate against Hiram and Veronica after she finds her burn drug lab. Drama is stirring up on Riverdale and I can’t wait to see more!

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