For the first time in The T-Hud Popcast history, they will be having a return guest and none other than TGON Founder, Shannon Parola. She was actually their first guest ever back in October of 2018!  This time around they are chatting about two really important things, gaming simulators and Stranger Things.

The first major topic covered is about all these gaming simulators that are currently available for play on various systems. Here at TGON, we aren’t strangers to these games. In fact, our resident farming simulator expert, Blaike, has been writing about these types of games all year. Check out her farming simulator articles here. In the podcast, we dive in deep on why we think these games are such hits and why we continue to play them.  We even touch on some of our favorite ones to play and some of the weirdest ones we found. Our top weirdest choice is the game where you are a Roomba, no not DJ Roomba from Parks and Rec, but just a regular Roomba looking for dust bunnies.  Who would find this fun to play? We don’t know but it may just be the Roomba’s way of training us for when they take over the world someday. The most important part of this discussion was that we all came to realize while the games itself may be “easy”, at the end of the day, it’s simple satisfaction that we want.

The second half of the podcast tackles season three of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. While we try and stay away from spoilers, by the end everything is spoiled. So if you haven’t seen the third season yet, I suggest you stay away from this podcast. We cover a broad array of topics from character development, plot disappointment, and of course, that ending. I’m pretty sure we are all still debating that ending and whether or not someone is still alive.

Check out the full T-Hud Popcast right here! You won’t be disappointed!