Netflix has released the first full trailer for the first season of their adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s beloved books, and it is the perfect blend of melancholy and lightheartedness that we can only expect from this series.

Watch the trailer here, and be amazed.

The trailer gives us a great look at Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and his acting troupe, as well as Mr. Poe, Aunt Josephine, Justice Strauss, and, of course, the Baudelaire orphans themselves. Lemony Snicket also makes an appearance, both onscreen and off, as the narrator of the trailer, portrayed by Patrick Warburton. Neil Patrick Harris captures the lovable-villain essence of Count Olaf (and his various disguises) excellently.

The first season, which is set to be released on Netflix January 13, 2017, will consist of 8 episodes, covering the first four books of the 13-book series. We are beyond excited after seeing this trailer, for what looks like a brilliant book-to-screen adaptation of such a quirky but lovable series.