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The Last Man on Earth 4×15: “Designated Survivor” Review

After seeing his half-shaven reflection in the mirror, Tandy looks around the Mexican mansion for his brother. A trail of hair clippings leads him to a curtain with shoes peeking out of the bottom. Tandy thinks Mike will be standing there, but it’s just pair of shoes. Next, Tandy finds a notecard written by his brother, and a drawing of ‘the fourth finger’ as a throwback to when Mike originally joined the gang.

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Tandy follows the faint music he hears, and it leads to the karaoke machine, which is starting the song Falling Slowly (from the movie “Once”). Tandy picks up a mic and starts to sing. It doesn’t take long for Mike to step out with his own mic and harmonize with his brother.

karaoke mike
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Tandy and Mike set up a tent to pull a prank on the gang. Covering his head with a hat and wig, and covering his jaw with a clump of detached hair, he corrals everyone outside. They, obviously, expect it to be Jasper living in the tent. When Mike startles them from behind, Gail shoots him several times. Tandy starts to cry over the sudden and idiotic death of his brother, but it appears that Mike and Gail had their own prank planned.

gail shoots mike
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Mike tells the group about where he’s been and how he found them in Zihuatanejo. He says he found a hatch in a creek, and someone threw a bag over his head. They toted him off and chained him up, keeping him as a prisoner and an experimental tool. He says when he finally escaped, he hid in the file room and that room was filled with files on each of them. He thinks that they are designated survivors. Everyone is scared and horrified until Mike tells them that he’s just messing with them. The truth is that he found one of their diaper balloons. Melissa asks about when he had gotten sick. They thought he got the virus, but since he was in space for years, he just had a weak immune system.

mikes story
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Tandy brings up the note that he left for Mike in “The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths.” Tandy drove with Lewis to their childhood home where Mike had went to live with the virus. Tandy walked through the entire house, but couldn’t stomach to go into Mike’s room and risk the possibility of seeing Mike’s lifeless body lying there. We see a flashback of Tandy taping a note to his door, and then we see Mike inside of the room listening to music. When a distracted Mike opens his door, the falling note goes unnoticed. Carol wheels out their babies, Bezequille and Mike. Tandy lies that Mike was named after Michael Clarke Duncan, but tells the truth after a beat.

mike listens to music
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Erica takes Mike to meet her own baby, Dawn. Erica feels a little awkward telling Mike that she’s now married to Gail, because she and Mike had a little thing going on before. Mike says he’s just happy for her. Todd wanders in, being super weird and rude. He asks Erica if she told Mike about their agreement, but she says she hasn’t gotten to that yet. He pretends that that isn’t why he came in there, and acts like his fixing a bench, when really he’s just shaking it a few times and saying he fixed it. Once he leaves, Erica tells Mike that she and Todd are trying to have a baby together. Mike’s a little confused because Todd is married to Melissa, but assumes it must be like a sperm donor situation.

todd being weird
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Mike takes Tandy to his van, and inside there’s a surprise for Tandy: all of his ball friends! Tandy thanks his brother for bringing them, but Mike thanks Tandy for leaving them for him. They were his only companions since Mike parted from the group during his assumed impending death. Next, Mike shows Tandy his thermal imaging monitor. It uses satellites to scan where thermal energy is across the world. He says that during his loneliest times, he would sit down and search for signs of life.

thermal energy
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Todd tells Melissa and Gail that he’s worried that Erica will see that Mike is clearly the better option to father her child. Instead of reassuring her husband, Melissa agrees with him. She says Todd is also a great option, but Mike is an Alpha while Todd is a solid Beta. She suggests that Todd just talk to Mike about his concerns.

better match
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Tandy and Mike walk through the house, harmonizing the song “Electric Avenue.” Todd tries to wait as they finish, but he gets impatient and rudely blurts out, “What are your intentions with Erica?” Mike is confused, and Tandy asks to speak to Todd alone. Todd asks Tandy to choose between him and Mike. When Tandy refuses, Todd says that that means Tandy chooses Mike.

harmonizing mike
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Mike walks out to his van, and it has been vandalized. He goes to Todd’s room, where Todd is building model airplanes. Todd promptly says, “I didn’t do it!” and that his van was in pristine condition the last time he saw it. Mike asks how he knows someone vandalized it if he hasn’t seen it since it’s been vandalized. Todd blames it on the “street tuffs.” Mike says that he’s here to spend time with his brother and his friends, and that he considers Todd to be one of those friends. Mike advises Todd to count his blessings, as Mike has spent most of the last four years completely alone.

vandalized van
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Todd apologizes to Erica for his behavior, and Erica tells him that she’s pregnant. Instead of excitement, Todd feels like he’s put Erica in a situation that she doesn’t want to be in. Erica reassures him that even though he “went nuts,” she knows who he is. She also says that she’ll get him back for that during the second and third trimesters.

ericas pregnant
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Mike and Tandy continue with their singing, until everyone decides to go to bed. They plan on singing another song, but Baby Mike and Bezequille start crying, so Tandy has to go be a dad. Disappointed and lonely, Mike wanders back to his van. He starts flipping through images on the thermal detector. He walks over to the window and looks out, and the cinematography is similar to when he was stuck in the spaceship.

mike window
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He’s pulled back to the monitor when there is a huge thermal mass on the screen.

thermal mass

What the heck is that? Only three episodes left of The Last Man on Earth season 4! Tune into FOX on Sundays to find out!

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