Everyone is coming together to celebrate the babies born in the past year. It seems to be a mass baptism. The Handmaids who gave birth this year get a seat of honor. Noticeably absent from the gathering is Serena, Commander Waterford’s wife. They also speak about the Waterford’s daughter being taken from an unrepentant sinner. They just wanted to be free. The girls are invited to the Putnum’s celebration after the ceremony. Serena joins them then. There is a noticeable rift between Serena and Fred. She doesn’t touch him or allows him to touch her.

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Emily meets her sister. They hug and go to her apartment. There is palpable tension between the sister also. Emily is nervous to see Oliver who is her son.

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Something is going on with Aunt Lydia. Commander Waterford approaches June about Serena. June plays the good Handmaiden and tries to help Serena with Commander Waterford. June finds Serena smoking in the pool room. It’s a very skinny and long cigarette.

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Aunt Lydia almost kills Ofhoward when she beats her in front of a room full of people. June stops her from killing her by covering her with her own body and shouting “No!”. Somehow they found June’s husband and with him baby Nichole. He is in Chicago.

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What is going to happen to Aunt Lydia? Is Ofhoward going to be ok? What is going to happen to Luke? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…