After the cliffhanger last episode with Flash destroying Caitlin’s effort to resurrect her sister (Killer) Frost Keep the Dark takes a break from both that storyline and Iris’ time sickness to provide what amounts to a filler episode as Season 8 winds down.

  Even The Flash himself takes a back seat in this episode with a relatively unexciting storyline about a mysterious new speedster in Central City. The only thing that gives it some excitement is an appearance by Reverse Flash, which is sadly too short. Given Flash’s history with other speedsters, there is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Meena Dhawan, which will likely be revealed in future episodes. Still, for now, it serves as a somewhat uninspired detour from the more important stories.

Both Iris and Caitlin are absent this episode, aside from an underwhelming appearance by Caitlin via prerecorded video at the end. So the main storyline falls on Allegra and Chester who are always fun to watch together. But despite their chemistry, the storyline about Allegra trying to expose her former gang, the Aranas, now led by returning villains Sunshine and Dr. Light, with help from an inside informant, Chester, and the CC Citizen Media staff falls a little flat. The conflict is resolved far too easily with barely any fighting. The best part is the antagonism between the acting editor of Central City Citizen Allegra and reporter Taylor which has been building up for weeks and hopefully is addressed again.

Overall Keep the Dark is just a filler episode that does little to move Season 8 forward but offers an appearance by Reverse Flash and the chance for Allegra and Chester to shine, in Allegra’s case, literally.