Archie Andrews faced betrayal several times this season, but nothing compares to the betrayal of a small child who could’ve been a brother to him. After all the heartache, Archie still has a heart of gold which is something I can’t say about everyone else, especially Veronica Lodge. In this episode, we got to see the cards slowly start to fall down on Glady’s Jones, Cheryl separate from Toni, and Archie knocks down G&G players one by one.  Nevertheless, I don’t think G&G players will go extinct anytime soon thanks to Glady’s who is slowly taking over the fizzle rock drug business but tries to cover her tracks by posing as a woman who just came to Riverdale to get her family back together. If only that were true, if only she really cared that much about Jughead and F.P. If only.

      The Red Paladin Card 

Archie shared his shocking betrayal encounter with the others at Pops but believes that Ricky’s actions stemmed from a deeper cause than earning the respect from the Gargoyle Gang. It turned out that Archie is a huge factor in this game because of the 12 red Paladin cards that were distributed to G&G members. This meant that is was only a matter of time before other G&G would come to kill him to ascend in the game. To eliminate having another tragic death in Riverdale, the group of friends decided to get all of the G&G members in the ring to compete against Archie in the ring. Archie also brought his concerns to Hiram because he suspected that he was behind these players coming to kill him. Surprisingly, Hiram extended his help to Archie by helping him get a lead on the players and lending a gym to him for the duel. After Archie, defeated each player, Hiram gifted “The Iron Mountain” to him. I felt like this was a genuine gesture, but let’s hope it doesn’t backfire on him.

Trouble In Paradise

After Toni confronted Cheryle about using the Poisons for revenge and fighting, she backed off of controlling them at all. I thought that the Pretty Poisons would be a great way for Toni and Cheryl to bond, but it’s actually tearing them apart. Cheryl proposed to take Toni on a romantic getaway, but Toni turned it down. Cheryl than began to feel left of Toni’s life which is understandable because Toni focused on the Poisons and doing suets with Veronica. After Cheryl caught her in the act, rage and disappointment then filled her. She told Toni that it would be best if she moved out and give each other some space. Her feelings towards Toni made her conclude that the next school musical will be the Heathers. Let’s just hope that this musical doesn’t end up like the last one.

Speaking of relationship splits, Veronica decided it would be best if Reggie called it a night. He does put in a lot of work for Veronica, but at the moment she refused to offer him more money because of the debt she has to pay off. I understand. Reggie’s point. He doesn’t want to feel like Veronica’s toy and he technically isn’t responsible for her debt, he was just being a good friend by doing what she says. Reggie was already frustrated at the fact that Veronica pretends like she doesn’t have feelings for him when it’s not convenient for her. At the same time, Veronica is trying to convince Reggie that they can’t be anything more than friends, but they slept together. I believe it’s Veronica’s fault for trying to manipulate him into believing that everything they had was nothing. They actually make a pretty good team, but I bet she will try to go crawling back to Archie.

   Welcome To The Coopers Home

It was hilarious to see Betty sabotage her mother’s home showings by bringing up past murders and the fact that the black hood laid his head in that very home. It’s petty messed up that all of that happened, but at least she created humor out their traumatic experiences vs her mother who just wants to run away from it all and start fresh with the farm. Unfortunately, Betty can’t scare Glay’s who shocked Jughead and Betty by buying the home. It’s a major upgrade compared to their former location, but it’s awkward for Betty and Jughead. Luckily The Jones family didn’t have a problem with letting Betty stay with them so that she doesn’t have to be surrounded by the crazy people at the farm. It was during this time that Jughead suspected something wasn’t right with his mother.

Meanwhile, at Pops, a citizen outbroke in rage from being strung out on Fizzle rocks. Jughead became confused at the fact that fizzle rocks are still being dealt when the main dealer was reportedly out of business and the serpents were clean. When Jughead was finally exposed to the truth, it was the worst time possible. Glady’s hosted a birthday party for F.P surrounded by love and heartwarming speeches. During Jughead’s speech, you could tell that he really wanted to rat his mother out, but he saw the look in his father’s eyes. F.P has come a long since the first two seasons of Riverdale. He was the drunk father that Jughead was ashamed of, now he’s the sheriff and proud father. Jughead knew that this news would break his heart, so he decided to do everything in his power to stop his mother and run her out of Riverdale.

Rating: 5/5

I loved this episode because now the characters all have fires under their asses. I’m interested to see how Jughead will overthrow his mother. I’m pretty sure Glady’s is going to use Veronica’s family secret, jellybean, and his father’s delicate heart to keep him quiet, but she won’t be able to get away with too much. Afterall, F.P is the Sheriff, a smart one at that. It will be a matter of time before he finds out that he has to check his own house. I also loved this episode because there will be a new school musical. I can’t speak for others, but I love the cast vocals and anything else that is not the G&G bullcrap. I also thought it was ironic how Alice finally sold her horror house. Wait…….it’s hilarious! What’s even more hilarious is the fact that Betty thinks staying at that house is better than being with the farm. I’m also looking forward to seeing what Archie does with his new gym. Hopefully, his altercation with Ricky will inspire him to do activities with the youth in the community to keep them away from drugs and gangs. Let’s hope for the best even though we know the worst is approaching.

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