As I was scrolling through Redbox one evening (yes people still use Redbox) I came across this title. My initial reaction was a furrowed brow and chuckle of skepticism, before continuing my search for a selection. A couple of days later I mentioned the title to one of my nerd friends, and his reactions was, “It’s actually really good.”

“Really?” I asked. “Can I show it to my boys [4 and 7 years old]?”

“Uh, definitely not.”

And with that my interest was piqued.

This movie both met and exceeded my expectations in certain ways. There was the traditional goofiness of the Turtles, with Mikey leading the charge throwing out enough “dudes” to inspire a resurgence of the use of the word. And the personality of each turtle was pretty much on point. Where it exceeded my expectations was in the brutality of the fight scenes and the ruthlessness of the villains.

The first fight scene between Batman and The Shredder is fantastic. It is excellently animated and realistic. You can feel each punch, kick, and headbutt. It reminds you of just how much of a badass, Batman is and how devastating Shredder can be when portrayedbatmanvtmnt as

the ninja warrior we always believed he should be.

With it being a mix of the dark knight and the turtles there is some instances where there are uneven tonal shifts, but it works overall. Having Shredder and Ra’s al Ghul partner to destroy Gotham works on all points.

The chemistry between the Batman family (Batgirl, Robin, and Alfred) and the Turtles is great, as each either has a personality counterpart or foil.

Overall I think this is a great watch. It’s fun and has great action. It is NOT for kids. There were several times when I went, “Oh $#!*” and which would cause younger kids some issues. There is some blood, broken bones, decapitations, and spikes through the back. It definitely earns it’s PG-13 rating.