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Photo Source: CW Supergirl

Leading up to Comic-Con a lot of information about the upcoming fifth season of Supergirl began to spill out. First Melissa Benoist released an Instagram photo of her new haircut (bangs) and Supergirl‘s new suit (she’s going with pants).


Photo Source: CW Supergirl

Benoist stated that there were a couple reasons for the change of attire. First, she stated that since season 1 she’s been campaigning for pants, due to the often cooler shooting days in Vancouver. Secondly, she stated she felt that with the maturation of the character the pants felt appropriate. The arc that Supergirl/Kara has traveled over the first four seasons of the show has moved her from shy reluctant hero living in her “more famous” cousin’s shadow to a hero in her own right, with her own strengths, villains, and strong supporting cast.

Other news covered before and during the panel had to do with cast additions, subtractions, and returns. In the addition category, Julie Gonzalo of Veronica Mars fame, will be joining the cast as Andrea Rojas/Acrata. Acrata is a Mexican born superhero, that debuted in the 2000 Superman Annual. Staz Nair, from Game of Thrones, will be playing reporter William Dey, a character created for the show.

Jon Cryer hosted the panel and the first question he asked was if Lex would return, which was confirmed. I’m excited for his return as I felt like Cryer’s performance as Luther and his chemistry with both Supergirl and Lena was great. It appears that Lex’s return will coincide with the Crisis on Infinite Earth’s crossover event.

Another familiar face returning after a year away is Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn. Jordan stepped away last season to pursue other interests, but will be returning this season. How they will reintegrate him into the show with Brainy already filling the awkward tech geek role will be interesting see develop over the season.

The biggest news to coming out is that Mechad Brooks, who plays James Olsen will be leaving the show midseason. No details as to how Olsen will leave the show have been released. Showrunners Robert Rovner and Jessica Queller released an official statement: “We love Mehcad and we’re sad to see him leave the show as a series regular, but we’re excited for both Mehcad and James Olsen’s future. He’ll always be a part of our Supergirl family and we look forward to James returning to National City at some point to visit his sister and his super friends.”

Entertainment Weekly reports that Brooks will be pursuing feature film roles as well as developing a television production of his own. The mention of visiting his sister hopefully means the budding relationship we saw between Alex and James’s sister, Kelly will be a success. When asked about the possibility of Alex still pursuing adoption, Chlyer Leigh indicated that now that Alex will be in a stable relationship with someone on the same page, it is a real possibility.


Photo Source: CW’s Black Lightning Official Instagram

This post from the CW’s Black Lighting official Instagram page also has me excited. This would be the first crossover for Black Lightning with any of the other Arrowverse shows. It’s unclear if this will be a part of the Crisis story line, though most reports indicate it will be separate.

Also check out the official Supergirl teaser trailer .

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