On July 31, 2018 Games Workshop announced in their annual report their intention to engage in animation and film projects revolving around their Warhammer, and Warhammer 40k Franchises. Although several well done shorts already existed on YouTube, none of these were sponsored by Games Workshop. G-Dubs has proven to be extremely protective of their IPs in the past, going as far as suing other franchises for the terms “Space Marine” and “Imperial Guard”. This new open attitude has resulted in several new licensed games and products, and now a live-action adaptation for of their Eisenhorn character.

Eisenhorn is not the first film project which was announced by Games Workshop though, early 2018 there was talk about an animated series featuring the Blood Angels chapter of Space Marines. This Space Marine series is said to be called “Angels of Death”, and is being worked on by the creator of the popular “Helsreach” series on YouTube based on the novel by the same name. The Eisenhorn series will revolve around one of Warhammer 40K’s “Inquisitors”, agents of the Imperium of Man which work to protect the Empire from Xenos, Heretics, and Daemonic threats. Eisenhorn’s story is one which is sure to grab the audience’s attention as he is often viewed as heretical himself (while then proving himself as a loyal servant of the Imperium).

Eisenhorn’s sources material promises to create a captivating, and engaging story. Optimism for the show’s success also comes from the fact that development is being led by Frank Spotnitz who previously has worked on shows such as The X-Files and The Man in the High Castle. So long as Games Workshops gives its full support with maintaining the shows adherence to the lore on which it is based, I believe we can expect a masterful adaptation of our favorite grim dark universe to the TV screen. Despite my optimism for this show though, I will be praying to our beloved God Emperor that we do not see a repeat of the failure that was the Ultramarines Movie.

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