I remember when Archer first came on FX ten years ago. It looked funny, sure, but like any other adult cartoon, except that it completely exceeded expectations with its cutting humor and awesome cast. Also, those literary references! Few shows out there can make so many pop culture jokes as Archer can.

It also has always gone in completely unexpected directions, but none so surprising as its decision to carry out the last three seasons completely in a comatose Sterling Archer’s mind. They’ve gone noir, they’ve gone adventure, and they’ve gone to space, which everyone thought would be the last hurrah.

But, at this year’s SDCC panel, we found out they’re bringing it back for season 11!

Archer will not only continue into an eleventh season, but Sterling’s going to wake up from his coma, and the story will return to spycraft. Since Sterling’s been unconscious for three years, he’s missed a lot of the world around him and the new season of Archer will be about refinding his place in the world. The entire cast will return, so we will get to see how Lana, Cyril, Mallory, Krieger, Pam, and Cheryl all have been functioning without their best secret agent.

Archer 1999 has two more episodes, happening July 24 and July 31 on FXX!


Photo courtesy of FX