At the SDCC Family Guy panel, we are joined by Seth MacFarlane (creator, Stewie, Brian, Peter), Alex Borstein (Lois), Mila Kunis (Meg), Seth Green (Chris), Rich Appel, Alec Sulkin (executive producer) and Kara Vallow (executive producer). Seth M. kicks it off by talking about what a big voting year we have this year and the importance of voting. Family Guy is starting its 4th decade of entertainment on September 27th, 2020 when Family Guy Season 19 breaths of air. It will mark 350 episodes.

There is a read of the first act of the first episode. It is so cool to hear them read in the voices of the characters. Rich does the narration and everyone gets to chime in. I understood before that each of the cast does multiple voices each but it’s intriguing to watch and hear. It’s amazing how each person can affect such different voices for different characters.

After the reading, Rich talks about changes in Hollywood because of COVID. Alex talks about her “state of the art” recording studio. It’s a grow tent where you grow marijuana. Mila on the other hand used her kids’ closet because it has carpeted floors and is her “state of the art” recording studio. Sleeping bags make up her tent for the recording. Seth also uses a closet but instead of it being his kids’ closet it is a book closet draped with blankets and padded with foam sheets from Amazon. Kara says that setting up the studios for the main cast as well as incidental actors has been a challenge since COVID hit.

Fan questions are next. Seth was asked what is his favorite scene or episode since this all began. For Seth, it was the Clue episode. Alex was asked the same question. Alex’s favorite line by Lois is “Who wants chowder?”. Even before she became a mom, Mila found the classic Stewie line “Mom, Mama, Mommy, Mommy…” funny but now as a parent, she lives it and still finds the humor in it. Of course, hearing this, Seth M. does the line in Stewie’s voice. Seth G.’s favorite episode is the time-traveling one.

Rich pointed out that Seth M. at 24, was the youngest showrunner and creator in the biz. He asked Alec what he had accomplished by age 24. He starts off saying he had smoked a lot more pot than Seth M. His favorite episode is the next one. Fans asked if Quagmire is inspired by someone Seth knows. He said that he is modeled after the commercial guys from the old 1940’s radio shows he used to listen to on tape. Lois’s voice is inspired by a family member of Alex’s. The inspiration for Chris is Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lamb.

After a moment of talking about Mila’s hair, we get into the question about changes. Since the start of Family Guy in 1999, the world has gone through so many changes. How has that affected Family Guy? Kara fields this question. Family Guy has not only changed in structure and the way it has been drawn but also in the technology available and because they were canceled for a time, when they came back there was a better pool of experience.

Below is the panel I enjoyed watching and thought I would make it easy to find for you:

I very much enjoyed watching this panel. The cast and crew played well off of each other and just seemed to genuinely have fun with each other. I hope you enjoy reading and watching this panel. Let me know what you thought in the comments below. Remember, Season 19 of Family Guy premiers September 27th, 2020. Til next week…