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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 2 “Mary and Martha”

The women of Comannder Lawrence's house are trying to help another woman escape.
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June, aka Ofjoseph, speaks with another handmaid, Alma, at the store. June tells her that the American’s are about to lose Chicago as told by Ofmatthew. June and Alma speak of leaving the Martha’s alone because no one trusts each other. Once home she finds out that filet is not better than steak before being called to the parlor by Aunt Lydia and Comannder Lawrence. Aunt Lydia asks about Mrs. Lawrence but June doesn’t know what the problem is. Aunt Lydia then decides she wants to see June’s room and falls. She then gives June a verbal lashing. Commander Lawrence is indifferent.

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Meanwhile in Canada, June’s husband Luke is trying to get paperwork figured out. In his apartment he has himself, the baby Nichole, Moria and Emily. Emily is at the doctor getting the results of all her tests. She seems to still be in shock and really sketchy. Luke is really missing June.

The women of Comannder Lawrence’s house are trying to help another woman escape. Lawrence walks in and says he is going to get a Guardian to walk the stranger home. June forces her way in on the breakout. Turns out the woman who they helped escape is going further into the Gilead territory. She makes bombs. Shortly after June and Cora return the woman they helped returns with a woman shot and she succumbs to her injury. Commander Lawrence is aware of everything going on. He makes June clean it up.

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Will Commander Lawrence continue to keep June? Is she worth the trouble? What will Emily do with her freedom? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…

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