The Walking Dead did a pretty solid job of bringing some items to an end, but left me with so more questions, like they did with Georgie and her twin guards.

We start with the source of the mysteries, the person who seems to be the most mysterious in Jadis. My original assumption was that Simon let Jadis live on purpose to teach her a lesson, but we found out how her quick thinking was able to save her life, and in the long run perhaps be what causes Simon to lose his. During the massacre Jadis took off away from the action, she found a dead body and tried to hide it, and get into a position that looks like she was dead and stayed still until it sounded like all the killing was over. This is a smart plan in such a dire situation, and takes such self control to not move, flinch, or cry while this is going on.

We fast forward to present day, Jadis has a nice looking room, it’s a storage container, very clean, not a whole lot of items but the essentials, a bed, some food storage. She goes and gets Negan, who is tied to a board with wheels, she drags him out into the open. Negan tries to talk himself out of his situation, he tells Jadis that he had nothing to do with what happened here, he saves people, people are a resource. Jadis goes and brings another human centipede inspired walker on a trolley to go after Negan. Jadis slipped up, or maybe she wanted to die, I don’t know what she does, left Negan near a bag that had a bunch of pictures, the only things she had left of her people, and a gun, and a flare. Jadis asks him to stop, that’s all she has left, Negan opens up to Jadis, he tells her that his wife’s name was Lucille. All the bad things he did and how he didn’t treat her right, and that’s  why his bat is named Lucille and that’s all he has left of her.

She gets a beep, somehow, some way, this is puzzling in itself and she knows it’s go time. So she sicks the walker on Negan as she lunges for the pictures from Negan. During their encounter, the flare gets knocked out of the hands and rolls into a water puddle fizzling out. Jadis runs off screen to go and get another lit flare and tries to signal the helicopter. YES A HELICOPTER! She doesn’t get them to notice in time as it flies away, she is yelling she is here she is here! She goes over to Lucille with the lit flare like she is going to light Lucille on fire for what happened. Negan pleads for her not to and Jadis ends up letting Lucille go, she also lets Negan go, he asks what the helicopter was about but Jadis doesn’t tell him anything, he invites her to come with him and have a new life. She wants no part of it, Negan says he will come back and check on her later as he heads on his way. We will have more from Negan later on.


Jadis has access to someone with a helicopter. Are you hearing me? A helicopter, why would she stay in a trash heap? So many questions! Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Back at the Hilltop, Tara is luckily just fine after the Saviors fight. She is certain that Dwight saved her by shooting her with a clean arrow. Daryl still doesn’t trust Dwight at all and thinks that he doesn’t deserve a free pass for what he did. Even though he killed Denise, she thinks that things are even, she doesn’t like what happened but if Daryl goes after Dwight, he is doing it for his own reasons. Elsewhere Michonne is trying to get Rick to read the letter that Carl gave him. She says he wrote that for him he isn’t curious to see what it was? Rick looks at the letter, but can’t pull himself to do it. He decides he has to distract himself by going after the escaped Saviors. He goes to the pen to ask the Saviors where the others went, the guy says he told Maggie everything and Rick says to just tell him. He asks Rick to not kill them, he can get them to come back with him, Rick says ya he could, but you sense he doesn’t mean it as he goes on the run himself. Rick thinks the Saviors are held up somewhere before they would make it to the Sanctuary and he is going to a dive bar on the way.

Morgan decides he is going to go and look for Henry, Carol says she is going to join him. They head off into the woods for Henry, Morgan believes he sees Henry because he can still see dead people. Carol tells Morgan the reason she came wasn’t to look for Henry but to keep an eye out on Morgan. They make it to a road and see a large herd of walkers towards the right, to the left they see a walker with Henry’s stick stuck inside him. Carol wants to go to the left to look for Henry and away from the herd. Morgan says he can’t, they are different, he knows what will happen if he goes that way. Carol saves people, Morgan watches them die. Carol says that’s not true, he saved her, and he can come back too. They go their separate ways, Carol heads towards the direction the walker came from, and she starts to hear a scream for help. Henry is stuck in a tree by a creek with walkers trying to get him, a nod to Sophia I think. Carol kills the walkers and grabs Henry and tells him she is sorry, she was wrong, he can survive. Later they make it back to the Hilltop, Jerry and Ezekiel are very happy to see Henry and Carol. Carol gives Ezekiel a nod and heads to get cleaned up I would imagine.

Morgan runs into Rick in the woods, and they decide to team up to go and eliminate the Saviors. They see some cut walkers limbs and are blindsided from behind. When they come to we see they are tied up in the bar. The Saviors are hurt, and they are trying to figure out what to do next. Rick says that their man is hurt, they can use the truck and take them back to The Hilltop and see the doctor, they all can come back with them. Rick says a herd of walkers are coming and they need to make a decision quickly. Morgan says he came to kill every last one of them, Jared can’t believe some of the Saviors want to listen to what they have to say, or believe that walker are close. Morgan stats raising his voice and the walkers start pouring in like $1 happy hour into the bar. Some Saviors are over taken quite quickly, Rick and Morgan says let them free so they can help fight, one of the Saviors does free them, and they are given their weapons. They help fight walkers, Rick is saved by a Savior, Rick says he needs to reload and backs up, as the walkers are fairly handled him and Morgan double cross the Saviors and start killing them. Jared is able to escape further into the bar as Morgan begins to pursue.

Jared and Morgan end up fighting by a pool table, Jared tries to shove a pool cue into Morgan, the walkers are still in pursuit, Morgan is able to kick Jared off of him and scurries into an area with a locked cage gate. Jared runs to try to get let inside, but Morgan instead grabs a hold of Jared’s shirt and holds him into place as the walkers eat some free appetizers.


Happy hour is better with some food, you can see the walkers are happy meat is on the menu. Photo Credit Gene Page/AMC

When everything has died down, Rick and Morgan talk about what they are going through. Rick asks why Morgan saved him, from the very beginning, he knows that Morgan saved people, and he wants to know why he saved Rick from the very start. Morgan says it’s because his son was with him. They get back to the Hilltop, Morgan goes and tells Henry he did it, he killed the man who killed his brother. Henry tells Morgan he is sorry, while Morgan tells Henry never be sorry. Morgan goes off by himself and cries about what has happened. Rick comes in, and looks over at the Savior, the Savior knows what happened and Rick’s word meant absolutely nothing in this case. Rick ends upstairs with Carl’s card all alone.

Other important notes, the Hilltop was trying to figure out what the next move was, Daryl was thinking going hand to hand combat would be the way to go, Rosita says that the Saviors have the access to make more bullets, and if they don’t have the location she knows where they could go make them. Rosita’s plan is to take out the bullet maker since the Saviors have their bullet maker in Eugene instead of the machines as Daryl and Rosita are scoping out the location.

Negan is cruising back to the Sanctuary, when he comes up on someone, who apparently looks like a mess, and has them get inside. When they make it back to the Sanctuary one of the guards is happy to see Negan and says he knew he would be back. Negan says don’t tell anyone, he wants it to be a surprise, since he has tons of surprises. My guess is Laura, and that she has told him about Dwight’s betrayal, and he already knows about Simon’s betrayal, the hammer, or perhaps the bat, are going to be dropping very soon!