Photo Source: Fox Media

S1 E3 – “Next of Kin”

Bobby and the team head to an emergency at a kid’s birthday party when a jumpy house blows off the side of a cliff. Now, I am not sure why there wasn’t a fence around that yard but that kind of made me a bit angry with those babies running around, just saying. The father of the birthday boy was trying to have a bit of fun with his son when this occurred. I grew up in San Diego, Ca, Santa Ana winds are pretty strong, so again where is the fence. If they had a fence that would not have happened. Ok, I am letting the fence issue go. So, while floating in the sky like a helium balloon, the father flies out and a couple kids are hurt. The bouncy house is hanging off the side of the cliff when the team gets there and they try and figure out the best way to rescue them and it is decided that Buck will propel down the cliff to secure the bouncy house. Chim ain’t to happy about having to work the wench since he wants to brag to his girlfriend about his mad skills. Kids are saved, Dad is still alive, everyone is happy.

Then, FINALLY, we return to Athena and May. Athena has just called for an ambulance and noticed that May took a bunch of pills. She hops in and they rush to the hospital. Michael shows up and they try to figure out what happened and Michael blames himself for telling the kids about his sexuality and they decide that they will get through this together no matter what.

The crew is at the station and Bobby gets a call that Chim has been in an accident, the head out immediately to offer assistance. When they get there, the man in charge heads Bobby off to show him how bad everything is and learns that Chim has a rebar straight through his skull. But Chim is still alive and talking. Ok just for the record and I hope I am not being nitpicky but how did he not see that going straight above his eyes. TV show magic, I felt that that part was unrealistic. Chim asks Bobby how bad is it and he explains and Chim wants to see. So Bobby shows him and he doesn’t understand how he is still alive. The rest of the team comes over and they try and reassure him and figure out the best way to move him to get him over to the hospital.

Next, we see Chim in surgery and they pull out the rebar but he starts hemorrhaging and they wind up having to put him into a medically induced coma and he may not ever wake up. So Bobby goes over to talk to Chim’s girlfriend, who I wanna slap myself, and he tries to get her to come and visit Chim at the hospital and maybe that will help his recovery. Now, she feels guilty because Chim proposed to her raggedy self and she turned him down flat. So she basically says she doesn’t want to give him false hope so she is not going. How horrible of person can you be lady?  Bobby just walks out cause I mean what can you really say to that.

While sitting at the hospital Athena spots a man walking over towards her and Michael and realizes that that is Michael’s boo. You know I just thought that that was not his place to be there. Why was he there? I don’t understand why he was at the hospital and he looks like a lost puppy. Athena is shocked and appalled and I would have been too, out of line. She decides to take a walk and heads back to May who wakes up and tells her mom she is sorry and she did it because she was basically being bullied at school by girls who used to be her friends. They made her feel like scum and told her she should just kill herself. Athena has some powerful words to her daughter and encourages her, motivates her, and pumps her full of love. However, much to May’s disappointment there are some consequences that follow from her actions. Athena reassures her and tells her that they will get through this no matter what because they have messed with the wrong family.

The show ends with the crew visiting Chim in the hospital to show their support for him and encourage him to get better. Bobby holds his hand and they all take turns talking to him. And although Chim is in a coma he responds by squeezing his hand slightly a few times. Bobby tells him his family is here and they love him. Lastly, we cut back to Athena staking out her daughter’s high school and checking for those 3 little girls who bullied her daughter……………………………………..