Okay, so it’s more of a count up, but details, details. Since the announcement was made that Supernatural’s 15th season will be its last, I find myself feeling nostalgic. So, for the next few weeks I’ll be posting and writing about the five (in my opinion) best episodes of each season. This is by no means a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but I will fight anyone who tries to argue that these are not the best of a very long, very beautifully painful show.

1.) What’s Up Tiger Mommy?

Image Courtesy of CW

Dean is out of Purgatory and pissed… Cas is missing, and Sam got a dog. What more could we ask for in (in my opinion) is one of the best seasons of the show? Angst, betrayal, and a lack of communication is what the Winchesters and their angel do best!

 2.)A Little Slice of Kevin

Image Courtesy of CW

More Kevin! A Marvel shoutout! Mama Tran! Cas is back! Regardless of how you feel about shipping, Dean’s feelings of guilt and, for lack of a better word, longing have been building for awhile now, and the return of his best friend is a welcome sight, even if it does add a bit more tension.

 3.)Hunter Heroici

Image Courtesy of CW

You know I can’t talk about season eight without Hunter Heroici. The cartoon episode is just hilarious and heartbreaking all at once. After the pratfalls and jokes, the confession of Cas’ depression, and the willing sacrifice of Fred makes this episode a perfect blend of humor and heartbreak.

 4.)Goodbye Stranger

Image Courtesy of CW

Everyone is after the tablet. Cas has been mindfucked by Naomi, and Meg is back! As a good guy! Also, I have no idea why, but possibly my favorite line from Meg: “Wait, hold on. There’s one part I don’t understand. You hit a dog and stopped. Why?” Is uttered. Poor Sam, no one (including me) understands how he could have just left his brother in Purgatory without looking, to raise a dog with what amounts to wet cardboard. Sorry Amelia.


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Sacrifice would be on my list for this shot alone, honestly, but the heartbreak and self-hatred of Sam’s confession, not to mention Crowley’s dip back into humanity against the backdrop of angels literally falling from Heaven, makes this my second favorite finale of the series. The heart of the show is the relationships of this family, starting with Sam and Dean, and it’s really able to shine with the final scenes.

What did you think of Season Eight? It’s one of my most-rewatched seasons of the show, and only picking five favorites was hard for me. Tell me your faves in the comments!