After a decline in viewership there are rumors of cancellation and more delayed production behind one of the most inclusive and diverse shows currently running.


Source: Tumblr

You can watch Steven Universe on Cartoon Network’s website here.

It is no secret that there has been a decline in Steven Universe viewership during season 4 – not very surprising when there are long gaps between episodes and poor promotion, almost like the air dates are a government secret.

It may even feel like Cartoon Network is self sabotaging one of their own series success.  We won’t speculate further or point fingers to why, because you know why.

We can fight this!  They want views?  We give them views!

They have posted most of season 4 to the Cartoon Network website here

So BEFORE you watch a random rerun or go to youtube to show your friend an unofficial upload, give the show the extra attention.  Even if  Cartoon Network cancels it, a strong online following and proof that it can draw views might inspire one of the streaming services to pick it back up (and allow it to really spread its wings)

Maybe it is just a rumour, or a blessing in disguise.  Regardless, we should take action and not let this groundbreaking show go down without a fight.


Source: Cartoon Network Steven Universe

Do it for him.