Photo Source: Photo On Day

The 12 Monkeys cast took over SDCC to tease all about Season 3 and give us insight on the characters.

Emily Hampshire starts out joking that whenever she is confused about the script she asks Amanda Schull because she keeps track with a notebook.

Alisen Down when asked how it felt to be The Witness, said it was overwhelming to have the honor of being such an iconic character.

“Jennifer is always trying to find her purpose. She wants nothing more than to be helpful.” – Emily Hampshire

Amanda Schull says she had to have her makeup fixed after seeing Aaron Stanford in 80’s pants.

Emily Hampshire stands up and points at a cosplay of 80’s Jennifer Goines.

“Jennifer is not Cole’s mother” – Terry Matalas

Emily Hampshire says she’s a little like Jennifer but Matalas is a lot like Jennifer.

Aaron’s favorite scene in Season 4 was the wild west.

“12 Monkeys is a show about relationships, humanity, and love.” – Alisen Down

Aaron and Amanda had differing opinions about their sex scene.

Todd Stashwick imitates Amanda’s dance moves.

Enjoy the 12 Monkey Season 4 Official Trailer!