Funko is really taking over the world. First Pops Vinyls stole our hearts and our money with the enormous variety of their collections. Last year they decided to partner with Pez and we are finally seeing the fruits of that line. Now Funko is jumping into Food with Funko Cereal. This cereal is not just for eating folks, each box contains a limited edition pocket pop based on whatever cereal it is. Funko is bringing back the old school nostalgia of finding the toy at the bottom of the cereal box. But instead of fighting your siblings for that toy, you are probably now fighting your kids over it. Whether you want to collect them or eat them, here are the latest Funko cereals that can be easily delivered by our friends at Amazon.

Missing Halloween? Maybe these FunkO’s Cereal With Pocket Pop (Beetlejuice) will help you or maybe even A Nightmare of Elm Street version!

If you want to start your morning off with even more nistolgia, we highly recommend going with the Golden Girls cereal!

Gamers won’t be short any options with Mega Man and two different Cuphead versions.

If you have a long adventure in front of you, Gollum’s cereal might be better suited for you.

Batgirl is coming to the rescuse every morning with her own version of cereal.

Funatics will also be thrilled to know there is a classic version of the Funko cereal with a mini Freddy Funko!

Which version would you want to try? Let us know in the comments below!