The team welcomes you to the next chapter in the Apocalypse. Picture Source: The Walking Dead AMC

Rick and company are still on the hunt for guns, and Tara finally gives up the information about Oceanside that she uncovered after being stranded from Heath. Speaking of Heath does nobody care about him?! It’s been weeks, nobody has mentioned him, looked for him, or any updates on him. Poor Heath gets no love. Now knowing that another viable option is out there for guns Rick and the team all get a plan together to go take over Oceanside in a way to capture the guns. We see the impending danger with a large group of water logged with barnacles growing on them walkers coming from a boat crash towards the village.

Meanwhile at the Hilltop Maggie is training people yet again, last week with guns, this time in the art of farming. The guy says that he doesn’t know what he is doing and needs Maggie to stay and watch but she insists he can handle it. She mentions she is going to go out and see if the baby wild blueberry bush she saw can be replanted, because if so it can be sustainable for many years. Later while Maggie is out trying to salvage the plant Gregory comes over to talk to Maggie, asking why she is staying there. Her retort is that Gregory is going to get a medic, that is what he said right? He says that they need to present a unified front, and Maggie said it would be better if they really were a unified front. If he is serious she says she will come visit him later. Maggie asks Gregory if he can stay and keep a watch out for her as this shouldn’t take to much longer. Gregory has a knife, and ponders stabbing Maggie while her back is turned. Luckily as the coward he is, he can’t bring himself to do it. A walker emerges from the tree line and Gregory lets out a yelp that a dog would give. Maggie tells him no problem she can do it but he refuses to let a pregnant lady protect him and he can do it. He nervously approaches the walker, but chickens out before and asks Maggie to do it. Without missing a beat she heads over to attack the walker with only a hand garden shovel. Another walker blindsides Gregory and takes him down, he had a knife and couldn’t even kill the walker and kept yelling for Maggie to come save him. After it’s over he is all bloodied and shook, some members of the Hilltop are returning from some mission and look over at him, Maggie again without missing a beat yells out, “he has never killed one before, he is learning.” The reply, “that’s not what he told us”, and they continue on the way back to the gate.


Sasha did not find herself on easy street. Picture Source: The Walking Dead AMC

At the Sanctuary, we do learn the fate of Sasha, she was captured after her invasion into the Sanctuary. Someone we learn to be Dave, or Rapey Dave, came to check on Sasha, asking if she remembered him from last night. He was the one who had rope that tied her up, she asked for water and said if he is to give her something he isn’t supposed to she has to give him she isn’t supposed to. He asks Sasha to tell him, “how thirsty you are” in the most creepy way possible. Negan comes, to save the day, at the right time, he asks Dave what he was doing, was he going to rape that girl, and how he doesn’t want to be in a place where something like that is acceptable behavior. He doesn’t accept Dave’s apology and stabs him clear through the neck with his knife.

Negan talks to Sasha and says that she has some “beach ball sized lady nuts” for coming in here and causing a ruckus, he recognizes her from the beatings and says he understands it now. Negan goes on to say she probably thought it would be the end for her coming in here, but that’s not the way it has to be, and he hopes that she will come and join him and run this place because he wants to harness the heat she has. Negan wanted to know if Rick put her up to it, and Sasha playing an angle goes, “no, Rick, your bitch?” Negan drops a knife and says that she has a choice to let rapey Dave come back and eat her, or she can slit her wrists, or she can stick it in Dave’s head so he doesn’t come back. She ends up putting it through his head after Eugene visits her giving her some supplies and saying why he has joined the Saviors, essentially for protection but he doesn’t know how much Rick and company are planning a fight.

After Negan comes and takes the knife Eugene comes back around to talk to Sasha. Sasha tries to play Eugene for a knife or glass or something she says can be used to kill herself so she can’t be used to hurt her friends, when she really wants to make another play against Negan. After thinking about it Eugene gives her the pill that he was working on for Negan’s wives before he wised up to their game. He said he wishes she didn’t do it but understands if she does. Sasha is defeated knowing she can’t use that against Negan.

The majority of the group is back towards Oceanside. They have formulated a plan, Tara will sneak in to try to talk to the leader to get them to stand down and hand over the weapons. They have a set amount of time before they execute the plan. Tara goes in but can’t convince them and ends up captured, but tells them it doesn’t matter they are to late.


Rick’s group sets out the first tactic which is a loud explosion that gets everyone’s attention. The group pulls out a page from Terminus and shoots at the feet of members of Oceanside to direct them where they want them to go. Rick goes and talks to everyone to tell them they don’t want to hurt anyone, they just want the guns to fight the Saviors and they should join them. The leader doesn’t want to and is willing to kill Tara and die to prove a point, though some in the group do want to join the fight.

At this time all the walkers from the boat start approaching, Rick and team create a shield around the children, and some members of Oceanside join to fight with instructions for first shift for the dead only. The two sides do work well together and are able to dispatch of all the walkers, though use it does use up a lot of bullets. After the fight the leader wakes up from being hit in the and says they will not fight but take the guns and go. When Rick are taking the guns to leave some members say they do want to fight but it has to be all of them or none of them. Tara says they will bring back the guns after the fighting is over, and Oceanside is happy that Rick’s group plans to fight the Saviors.

When everyone arrives at Alexandria they are greeted by Rosita at the gate. Enid and Jesus ask where Sasha is, but Rosita says that someone is here, Rosita has this person locked in the cell. It is Dwight! Rosita says he wants to help them. Rick asks Dwight if he wants to help them and Dwight says he does, so Rick pulls out his gun puts it up to Dwight and says get on your knees. Is Dwight really ready to help Rick and company or is it another trick from Negan?