So things have been REALLY heating up in the “Crisis On Earth-X” crossover between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. For those of you that haven’t yet read our reviews, you can check out Part 1 here, and Part 2 here! I know you’re achin’ to check out more of the review, so I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s dive right in!

Part 3 of “Crisis On Earth-X” opens with Oliver, Sara, Barry, Alex, Jackson, and Professor Stein right where we left them – in the Concentration Camp Holding Pen. I won’t lie, while I firmly stand behind the fact that this is a brilliant crossover, some parts were extremely hard to stomach and caused a lot of anxious feelings. But I digress…Jax notices that some prisoners are wearing yellow stars on their wardrobe, while others wear pink triangles. If you’ve brushed up on your history, then you’ll know that originally, the yellow stars marked anyone who wasn’t a match to Adolf Hitler’s “perfect” human. Jax asks what the pink triangle means, and a nearby prisoner tells him “I loved the wrong person.” Which can only mean bad things, especially for Alex and Sara. They quickly learn that the collars they’re all wearing are “Power-Dampening,” which means no access to the Speed Force, and no Firestorm.


“I loved the wrong person.” – The Flash – The CW


Despite the fact that they wouldn’t have been able to bust out anyway with so many guards watching, the gang doesn’t seem to want to back down so easily. A group of Nazi soldiers enters the holding pen, and it’s obvious Sara gets a bit internally distraught when she realizes her father’s doppelganger is their commanding officer. The two share a moment, albeit not a good one. Sara tells him she’s bisexual, (good on ya’ babe) and Quentin responds that he had a daughter similar in both looks and sexual orientation – which he eradicated from his bloodline. He takes our heroes, along with the prisoner who’d responded to Jax (we soon find out his name is Ray), to a nearby ditch, where he lines them up for a firing squad. Unfortunately, their efforts are hindered by Leonard FREAKIN’ Snart! That’s right, y’all, Captain Cold is back and ready for action!


Leonard Snart being smart – The Flash – The CW

He and Ray are apparently a thing, and EXTREMELY cute as a couple. I need more of them in my life. Together, they take the gang off to re-group at their headquarters, which looks eerily similar To Oliver’s “Arrow Cave” underneath Star-City. (spoiler: it is.) Their leader and General takes the floor, and much to Alex’s shock, it’s Winn Schott Jr. Or at least…Winn’s very rugged doppelganger. Just as quickly as they find out that there’s a platform that can transport them back to Earth-1, Winn announces that he’ll be destroying it, if only because Evil!Oliver, Evil!Kara, and Eobard Thawne are all on the other side. Alex tries to convince him otherwise, but Winn’s mind is made up. As Alex goes off in search of a gun to complete her vendetta and save her sister, Sara stops her long enough to have an actual conversation – one that involves Sara admitting that when her sister died, she went down a dark path. It brings them a tad closer as friends, and ain’t that just a world-conquering friendship, am I right? They’re not the only ones who have a moving moment. Earlier in the crossover, Jax admits that he looks to Professor Stein as a father, and Martin takes the time to not only apologize, but to tell Jackson that he’s more like a son than he could’ve ever hoped for.

General Schott

General Winn Schott Jr. – The Flash – The CW

Meanwhile, Ray and Captain Cold convince Winn to give them an hour, which results in the plan of Oliver acting as the Führer in order to gain entrance and stop the internal meta-human dampeners on the inside of the building. In an act that is supposed to solidify him as the leader, Oliver sends through a doomsday machine extremely similar-looking to the WaveRider, which quickly lands itself on Earth-1. Evil!Quentin decides to test Ollie even further when he brings forth a prisoner that had broken the rules by feeding the children of the camp, and it turns out to be Felicity’s doppelganger. He decides against shooting her, which leads Oliver to, instead of sticking to the plan, attacking an entire control-room full of Nazis.

Felicity Smoak of Earth X

Felicity Smoak Of Earth-X – The Flash – The CW


Back on Earth-1, our girls Iris and Felicity are showing just how absolutely badass they really are. Hiding in the vents of Star Labs, the duo spy on Kara, Eobard, Evil!Kara, and Evil!Ollie. They devise a plan to potentially set their friends free, and make their way to the pipeline cells. While Thawne waits on the Red Sun to soften Kara’s skin enough for penetration via surgery, she and her evil counterpart have a very interesting chat. While her doppelganger believes that Kara should be treating herself like a god to the mortals, Kara explains that what she does isn’t for recognition as an otherworldly being, but as someone who just wants to protect the innocent. The duo hash it out through words, but it’s clear that neither is budging on their beliefs.

In the pipeline, Iris and Felicity try to hack into the servers and unlock everything when they’re caught by two guards. Iris pulls on a pipe that sprays some sort of hydraulic substance in their face, and BOTH of the girls grab their guns and put the beat-down on them. BOOM, I am so very proud. Then they ruined it when these nerds bumped their guns together like they’re trying to high five. When they realize that now the hydraulics to the door are failing, Felicity sends out an SOS Alert to the Waverider and decides on plan B: Shut the power down and encrypt it so it can’t be turned back on.


I adore these two – The Flash – The CW

They do just that, but when Thawne threatens to kill Felicity, Kara weakly steps in and tells her to give it up, that she doesn’t want anyone dying for her. Felicity does as she’s told and it seems things are back on track, at least for the bad guys. Moving back over to Earth-X, Winn changes his mind about the hour-long window and decides instead to send a familiar face to destroy the facility – Red Tornado. The gang splits up to stop it, with The Flash and Ray going after the Tornado and the rest of the group infiltrating the platform room. Things seem to be looking up, until The Flash and Ray realize they can’t stop Red Tornado from doing his inputted mission. The Green Arrow, Sara, Alex, and Firestorm are absolutely WRECKING the Nazis, until Professor Stein gets the idea to split up. Jax will hot-wire the platform while Stein works on turning it the switch on. Unfortunately, all of our heroes get pinned down, and…this is a huge spoiler if you haven’t watched the episode. If you have…really prepare your hearts to relive this…a Nazi soldier shoots Professor Stein in the back. He collapses to the floor in agony, while Jax helplessly watches on.


I used this because I couldn’t bear to screenshot Prof. Stein getting shot – The Flash – The CW

Unfortunately that’s the end of this part of the crossover, but if you’re anxious to read more, don’t worry! The conclusion will be releasing later today, so keep an eye on the website!