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The Tower wasn’t supposed to be the season finale, but with all of the COVID 19 business it ended up being the finale for awhile. This episode was the setup to essentially reset the series yet again. This happened on two fronts, around Alexandria, and around Pittsburgh. We will start with the team on the road.

Juanita Sanchez is the name of the eccentric person that Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Eugene met, she talks a lot, and is a bit crazy, and tells everyone they can call her Princess since she never liked her name and Queen makes her sound old and pretentious. Some walkers approach during the conversation and Princess wants to show how helpful she can be and uses her gun to wipe out the walkers. The gun is awesome, and it’s some firepower that the show hasn’t seen in quite some time, however, it scares the horses away and pisses Eugene and Yumiko a great deal.

Yumiko promises them that she can get them a new set of wheels, so with a 2-1 vote, with Yumiko as the no, and Princess giving up her gun to Eugene, they set off to this garage. BUT, in typical crazy person fashion, she tries to take a shortcut through a minefield but didn’t tell them ahead of time. When Princess got distracted at the sight of the dead horse, she finally tells everyone about the minefield and freaks everyone out because she lost her spot. After getting lucky and getting them out of the danger she tells everyone how she knows she messed up. She takes them to the garage as promised, and the wheels turned out to be bicycle wheels instead of cars, but she did come through, Yumiko ends up inviting her to join the group to the surprise of all.

Yo dawg do you like my super cool sweater? Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The other big story is what’s happening around Alexandria, Beta led the horde to Alexandria but they left before they arrived with the exception of Alden and Aaron who stayed in the windmill to watch. Beta almost catches Alden but decides to take the horde to the ocean. The two follow the horde until Beta sees a cat, thinks a walker is talking to them and turns the horde around. By the time the two realize what is going on they are surrounded by Whisperers.

Carol and Kelly go out on a supply run, the two have a nice moment where Carol apologizes, and Kelly tells her to not blame herself for all that happened. Carol’s superpower is to be a lone wolf that does savage things only she can do, and she can’t stop because some bad things happened.

Negan and Lydia finally talk about the elephant in the tower, which is of course Alpha. Negan says that he liked her, despite some of her messed up ways, Lydia says that she hated her mother. Negan tells Lydia to tell him whatever she wants to say and that she needs to just punch him. She finally does and she breaks down a bit. The two share a nice embrace, and I think these two will be very close going forward.

These two are about to become very close. You can see Negan’s humanity here. Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Judith has had enough of the hospital and goes to find Daryl. She wants to learn what Daryl does, at first reluctant he allows her to follow. They come across a Whisperer that Daryl hits with an arrow and they chase. After catching up and asking her questions, Daryl ends up killing her and leaving here there. Judith is pretty emotional and Daryl asks what is bothering her, Judith opens up, somewhat about Michonne, and tells Daryl it’s no use to try to keep contacting her because she went to go help someone she met, and Judith didn’t want to tell Daryl because she was afraid he would leave too.

Honestly, this all made me cry, he told her that he won’t leave, and she asked him to promise and he said he can’t because he can’t lie to her. He said that she has a lot of people who love her and would do anything for her, and someday she will have to do anything for them. Nothing can replace the pain of the loss of someone you love, but that doesn’t mean everything after it will break your heart. I mean ahhhhh, this hurt. Gabriel radios to Daryl to get back because they are surrounded by the horde.

As you might have heard by now, The Walking Dead’s season finale will air sometime later this year as a special one-off event. We have no idea about the timing of that at this time.

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