The previous episode ended with Giorno driving a car off of a bridge into the canal and episode 19 starts with the car landing in the water. Giorno immediately realizes that this is a mistake as being in the water Ghiaccio’s White Album has even more to freeze and utilize.


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The interplay between Giorno and Mista continues to be a highlight. Giorno is first able to create tundra grass for the car, nothing else able to grow in such cold temperatures. Mista then uses Ghiaccio’s own ability to freeze the grass together and create a snowboard, in an amusingly absurd moment, to escape to the shore. Unable to actually penetrate Ghiaccio’s ice armor Mista then throws the grass than then transforms back into car parts in order to create a crack within Ghiaccio’s helmet. Bullets are then able to, partially, drive the car part into the helmet and temporarily knock Ghiaccio unconscious.


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Mista then begins to air for the air hole on the back of the Ghiaccio’s suit as Ghiaccio regains consciousness. At this point Ghiaccio uses an addition ability of White Album, Gently Weeps, where he freezes even the air around himself to create and invisible barrier that can protect himself from Mista’s bullets and even send them back. We are then treated to, as the episode puts it, three excellent examples of immense resolve. First, Giorno re-opens some of his wounds so blood sprays about them in order to show where Ghiaccio’s pieces of protecting ice are. Then Mista lets himself be shot over a dozen times by his own bullets so the spray from his own blood would get on Ghiaccio’s facemask and blind him. Finally, Ghiaccio uses his own blood spurting out from a wound in his neck as he is partially impaled there to freeze the blood and keep himself from being pushed in further.


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The episode ends with Giorno finishing off a weakened Ghiaccio and then begins to heal Mista which leads to a humorous encounter as Narancia misinterprets what he sees. Finally, there was a fantastic after credits scene, one that wasn’t in the manga, that further sets up Nero and his stand as well as The Boss and his. The episode also treated us to the remainder of Mista’s backstory in how he was brought into Bruno’s gang, though it was significantly altered between the anime and the original manga. While the omissions are not desirable the fact the other half was included is appreciated. It was also appreciated how little was censored from the brutality in this fight that was present in the manga.