Okay, so it’s more of a count up, but details, details. Since the announcement was made that Supernatural’s 15th season will be its last, I find myself feeling nostalgic. So, for the next 11 weeks I’ll be posting and writing about the five (in my opinion) best episodes of each season. This is by no means a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but I will fight anyone who tries to argue that these are not the best of a very long, very beautifully painful show.

No one can argue that season four changed everything for the show. People may disagree about whether the change was a good one (it was) or not, but the wider scope and world of Supernatural starting in season four is undeniable. Check out My favorite five episodes here:

Season Four

1.)Lazarus Rising

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The season four premiere brought us Castiel, who, despite originally being signed for a three-episode arc, has become a fan favorite and lead in his own right for 11 seasons. Dean rising from Hell, his confusion and anger with Sam when he thought his little brother sold his soul… all of it leads to Dean learning that God has work for him.

2.)It’s a Terrible Life

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Season four sees the Winchesters dealing with some pretty fucked up and pretty powerful forces, and the power of those forces comes shining through again when Zachariah sends the boys to an alternate world in which they’re not brothers, but in which Dean eats clean and wears suspenders… causing I don’t even know how many fanfics to be written.

3.)Yellow Fever

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One of my favorite things about Yellow Fever is that it forces super macho Dean to be vulnerable and scared, allowing Sam to really shine as a hunter, as well as allowing him to be the straight man to some of Dean’s more ridiculous antics. The storyline itself is heartbreaking and horrific (it’s honestly one of the episodes I don’t think I’ll ever be over), but Yellow Fever really highlights all of Supernatural’s strengths.

4.)The Rapture

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Okay, so I am basically a trash bag for Castiel, so his semi-origin story had to be here. The Rapture is the beginning of Castiel’s Fall, it’s where we learn about the man whose body Castiel is inhabiting, and it is, in my opinion, the episode in which Castiel first witnesses true human love, when Jimmy sacrifices himself for his daughter. It’s heart wrenching and beautiful and further enforces the familial ties that bind us.

5.)On The Head of A Pin

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Look… I can’t… This episode is E.V.E.R.Y.TH.I.N.G. The stakes are raised so high, we learn about Dean’s life in Hell, we see the bigger picture that Heaven views for Dean, we see Cas’s resolution cracking, we get Sam having to be the sibling to worry, and the threat this time isn’t even Alastair and his powers, or Uriel and the wrath of Heaven, it’s Dean’s own damn demons. It’s awful and scary and amazing.

Alright, these are my favorite episodes from season four, what are yours?? As an admitted Cas Girl, this is one of my favorite seasons, but regardless, I think the arc here is beautiful.