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Are you reading one of the books I suggested in last week’s post on other supernatural families? If so, sound off in the comments with the title of which one you chose and how that family compares to the Mikaelsons. While you’re taking a break from whichever title you chose, let’s take a look at a few movies that might appeal to you as well. Whether it’s a family of werewolves, vampires, or witches, we’ve got it here for you!

So, let’s take a look! And maybe you’ll discover a paranormal family you haven’t sampled yet and when we finally lose “Originals,” it’ll help fill the gap in your hearts a little!

(1)  Twitches (2005) 


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If you’re a big Davina Claire fan, then you might want to hop into another witchy film. This movie revolves around two sisters who are both witches. They spend much of their lives apart, raised by different families. When the two meet up again, there isn’t a lot of time for sisterly bonding . . . not when the fate of the world is at stake!

(2) The Craft (1996)


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Revenge is a dish best served . . . witchy? When a girl moves to a town new and a new high school, (not cliched at all, right?) she makes friends quickly. She and these other girls practice magic together. They bond over it and the many, many applications they find for it, some of them smarter than others! A few of the faces wielding powers in this are Robin Tunney, (Teresa Lisbon of “The Mentalist”) Fairuza Balk, (Ginger of “Ray Donovan”) and Neve Campbell. (Leann Harvey of “House of Cards.”)

(3) Blood and Chocolate (2011)


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This is a great place to go if you have a hankering for some werewolf fun! Based on a book by the same name, “Blood and Chocolate” is technically a romance. It stars Hugh Dancy (Will Graham of “Hannibal”) and Agnes Bruckner. (Nikki Banks of “The Returned.”) The central plot might sound a bit familiar. Vivian is a werewolf woman promised to another werewolf she does not love. Instead, she has fallen for a human named Aiden. (Dancy) By the end of the movie, her heart will have to make a decision.

(4) The Covenant (2006) You haven’t gotten enough of witchcraft yet? Good! It turns out that, if you’re fascinated by paranormal families, the most common “paranormal” theme is witches! More than that, the witches are almost always female! If you’d like a fantastic taste of shirtless male witches, you should see “The Covenant.” While these men aren’t “family,” they’re close enough. In this, you get to see four men with witchy powers battle another man full of witchy power while also trying not to fight amongst themselves. With the cast including Steven Strait, (Jim Holden of “The Expanse”) Sebastian Stan, (Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier from “The Avengers”) and Taylor Kitsch (Officer Paul Woodrugh of “True Detective”) there certainly is plenty of eye-candy!

(5) Near Dark (1987) 


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Of course, if you really want to fill the gaping hole in your chest the “Originals” has caused you, you need a good dose of vampires! “Near Dark” is very much like it sounds. It’s dark and it’s creepy. What else could you expect to get from the plot of a young man joining with a group of nomadic vampires? There’s romance, stolen vehicles, and hick bars. It’s also packed with celebrity names like Adrian Pasdar, (Glenn Talbot of “Agents of SHIELD”) Lance Henrikson, (Bill McCready of “Blacklist”) and Bill Paxton. (Frank Rourke of “Training Day” and John Garrett of “Agents of SHIELD.”)

Here’s hoping you found a movie you haven’t checked out before! If you do, sound off in the comments below!