Hello Gothamites! This episode was beyond amazing and finally answered so many questions! For Example: How will The Walking Dead Wolf-turned-future Batman-villain play into Jim Gordon’s current bounty hunting lifestyle? Well prepare your brains guys, because I have a load of fantastic answers. Let’s start out with something mostly unrelated to Gotham’s monster mash issues: Lee Thompkins.

Last episode we saw Lee’s sudden return to Gotham. This episode, she makes her way to GCPD, where Barnes offers her job back, with the promise that Jim Gordon won’t interfere with her work. Lo and behold, Jim shows up to collect a check on his bounty captures and ends up running into Lee. She tells him that her fiancee got a job at Gotham general, (He’s a doctor. So fancy.) which is why she returned. Jim congratulates her and walks away. As for Jim, well…a lot happens for this poor cop-gone-hunter, but we’ll get to that soon enough. First, let’s discuss Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. While Bruce is attempting to deal with and find answers regarding his Indian-Hill-Made-Doppleganger, (Boy there are a lot of hyphens that I have to deal with in this episode.) Selina drops in and begs Bruce for his help. She explains that Ivy has gone missing and she desperately wants to find her. Bruce, too focused on his “twin” issues, refuses and watches as she leaves in anger. His look-a-like watched the interaction from afar and as Bruce slept that night, the doppleganger stole a bag of his clothes and one of the many Wayne Manor cars. The kid hunts Selina down, convinces her that he is Bruce Wayne and that he wants to help her with Ivy. Could this be the beginnings of the infamous Batman villain “Hush?” I’d like to think so, and it seems he’s dug his claws into our favorite baby Catwoman.

The Penguin makes a feature in this episode as well: To announce his candidacy as Mayor of Gotham. I KNOW right?! The Penguin as Mayor would provide quite the hold on the city and give a very interesting storyline. He also uses his potential victory to blackmail the new head of Arkham Asylum to release Edward Nygma. Which just makes me so very joyful. Finally, we move on to Jervis Tetch. Famously known as The Mad Hatter in Batman’s world, Jervis Tetch is a lowly magician who uses mind control to get people to do his bidding – to the point where he has people commit murder/suicides in order to get his way. While working at Barbara and Tabitha’s club, Tetch hires Jim to look for his baby sister Alice, whom he “gave” to Hugo Strange in an attempt to cure her. Once Indian Hill went under, he came to rescue her. While on the search for Alice, he gets knocked over the head and ends up in…yep you guessed it, Gotham General. Where he meets…you guessed it again…Lee’s fiancee. Apparently his name is Mario. Later we find out that his last name is Falcone. As in Carmine Falcone’s son. However those are all the details we receive, and so let’s go back to Jim! When Jim hunts Alice down he learns that her blood is dangerous, and can cause people to become violent creatures. Jim also discovers Tetch to be a horrid person and tells him he won’t deliver Alice. Jervis attempts to hypnotize Gordon and make him jump off the ledge of a roof, however Alice interferes and saves Jim’s life.

All in All, I think they made an amazing choice in Benedict Samuel as The Mad Hatter, and I hope we get to see so much more of him. With that in mind, it was an extremely interesting episode, and god help me, I absolutely ADORED Penguin’s hilariously straight-edged campaign photos. That’s all for now! Tune in to Gotham, every Monday on Fox. And tune into The Game Of Nerds for episodic reviews! Thanks for reading!