Doom Patrol 115 2

The team assembles at the Manor. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Ezekiel Patrol” and Events That Occurred Prior

After the startling revelations in regards to The Chief, the team scattered. Jumping forward we saw everyone in different places, attempting to move on from their botched search for The Chief and battle against Mr. Nobody. Now I have complicated thoughts about this specific direction taken by the show. The time jump felt awkward. Probably because we had seen a similar gimmick used just last episode—even if it did happen in a fake world. It was questionable that they used such similar storytelling techniques so close together. I feel like they should have done only one of them, which may have strengthened the impact of the situation overall.

Now, that’s not to say that nothing good came out of the time jump. When it came to Rita and Larry, the both of them stuck together as they tried to live normal lives.  After everything that had happened though, Rita realized that she wanted more than just a normal life—she wanted something with true meaning. As for Larry, well he got to spend the time training with the Negative Spirit. It was really neat to see Larry become more in tune with the Spirit, and actually being able to work with it—and utilize their connection in battle. The fact that everyone was able to escape Mr. Nobody’s painting thanks to their teamwork was great payoff to all of their struggles over the season. The one problem when it came to Larry however, was the continuity issue that hasn’t been addressed—and likely won’t be.  Larry has lasted quite a long time without the Spirit in his body (via “Cyborg Patrol” and “Flex Patrol”), something the show has seemingly already forgotten. That twenty minute record Larry was so pleased about would have been a whole lot more impressive had he not already been seen going on for hours (potentially days).

Doom Patrol 115 1

The team confronts the Chief. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

We got some really touching moments with Cliff as he looked after Jane without her realizing it. Cliff’s fatherly bond with Jane has been a true highlight of the season, so it was great to see that continue even after the team had split. When it came to Jane herself, well she was occupied as she turned to unique drug experiences to cope. Everything that went down really took a toll on her–not surprising at all given the weight behind it all.  That internal conflict was visualized perfectly as we got to journey inside her psyche once again and see all of her various personas. They all kept her company as she did her best to hide and forget about everything. I mean who could blame really her. Even the Chief didn’t question the team’s animosity—as he was essentially in exile when we saw him in present day. This is another example of where the time jump didn’t click completely.

We didn’t get much time to digest any of Chef’s revelations, or how the team really felt—especially right after the fact. Due to this, I feel like some of the weight of The Chief’s actions were lost. I mean next thing we know, the team is already back and helping him to rescuing his daughter. While we did get a little exploration of all the new found tension (and what we got was great), we should have been witness to just a bit more. I mean, we practically saw nothing in how it affected Larry, Rita, or even Vic.

Now what about Mr. Nobody? Well his job was finished. His vengeance complete. What does he do now? This question led to him having an existential crisis—a funny and unexpected turn for the character.  It was great to watch him spiral back down to a lesser version of this maniac that we have been witness to this entire season. He had won! Yet he still lacked purpose and fulfillment. So much so, that even after finding another excuse to strike again, he was foolishly overthrown by his two new partners in crime (if they can even be called that any more).  I do think that the show did a great job with his character’s journey the entire season, and it all led to a great culmination in “Ezekiel Patrol”. I mean he got to such a low place that he had to get help from the very puppets he played around with the entire season! The best part of all of this though? Well it was the fact that none other than Rita Farr had to be the one to talk some sense into him. I’ve raved about this aspect of the show before, but I just have to mention it again: leveraging Rita’s Hollywood existence with Mr. Nobody is one the show’s best choices. Last week it was a simply narration, but this week it was about her talking Mr. Nobody back into the spotlight—in order save everyone.

Doom Patrol 115 3

Cliff staring down his mortal enemy. Photo courtesy of KSiteTV.

Save everyone from what though? Well obviously the giant rat and cockroach that threatened the lives of everyone on Danny Street and the team themselves of course! Having Admiral Whiskers return in such an epic manner was amazing, and a truly hilarious (and fantastically random) way of bringing him back into the picture—one that provided many laughs. As for Ezekiel, his presence was great as well, and fit the odd hilarity of everything perfectly. I do wish though that Ezekiel had something else behind his introduction (like Whisker’s had his dark origin story with Cliff).  He certainly felt more random than Whiskers. But in the end, that didn’t matter all too much. We got our out of this world zany situation as the two teamed up to destroy Danny Street and everything on it. The whole situation was so extremely over the top, and quintessential Doom Patrol, that I’m convinced it couldn’t have been any more perfect. I mean is there any other show in existence where everything comes together in a make out session involving a Goliath rat and cockroach? Only here folks. Only here.

While it wasn’t completely pitch perfect, “Ezekiel Patrol” still delivered a great and satisfying conclusion to Doom Patrol’s first season. Our group of misfits are much more of a team now, and are closer to officially taking on their name. What could be in store for them next? Well there’s the whole thing with the extremely powerful child that they saved.  Not to mention Mr. Nobody. I mean if they could escape the painting, I wouldn’t put it past him to follow in the near future. More importantly, maybe we’ll get to hear from Flex? I mean, he could have solved the most of the issues this episode fairly quickly. I wonder what happened to him.

Bonus Notes:

  • What about Flex? The show just kind of forgot about him. That one consuming mention in the newspaper doesn’t count.
  • Why was everyone able to hear the music from the painting? Didn’t seem to be anything that Mr. Nobody was doing.
  • I think I’m ready for Vic to stop hiding all of his cool Cyborg parts.


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