Hey Teen Wolf fans. This past Sunday saw the very last episode of this MTV hit series. There’s lots to talk about in this season 6 finale episode, “The Wolves of War,” so let’s get to it!

The opening isn’t what you might expect. We see a jump forward in time – Scott sleeping in a motel, later joined by Argent, and then making their way to Los Angeles. We have a nice voice-over from Scott, detailing the story of a sixteen-year-old boy, confused and running from hunters, as another young kid runs for his life. It becomes clear that Scott and Argent are on their way to save this unknown boy and, after they do, Scott continues telling his story.

There’s an adorably sweet moment between Scott and Argent after he says, “Some people I thought I could never trust ended up saving my life…more than once.” Argent smiles at him and it’s really nice to see how their relationship has developed over the six seasons of the show. There’s a lot there emotionally, and I’m glad this final episode takes a moment to acknowledge it.

The kid in the backseat finally asks how Scott’s story ends and we flashback to the shit-show, gun-fest we ended with at the end of last week’s episode. Things are looking pretty dire, but…OMG Stiles finally rejoins the team just in time to help turn the tide. And who is with him? Derek Hale, of course!

Things with the gun fight wrap up pretty quickly after that, as the team rallies and kicks some hunter butt. Unfortunately, Deucalion’s wounds are fatal and we see the first death of the episode…yes, there are a couple more. Spoilers!

I will say, I’m exceptionally happy to see the return of Stiles. The show has seriously been lacking without him. The downside of his return? I feel like the writers tried a little too hard to make him extra funny – like maybe we all forgot how much humor his character adds to the show? It’s a minor complaint, however, as I couldn’t be more pleased that he’s back.

Scott also has a touching moment with Derek. When asked if he came back for Beacon Hills, Derek responds by saying, “No. I came back for you.” I love the relationship these two have established over the seasons and it’s nice to see them together again.

Our happy reunion moment doesn’t last long, however, before Gerard comes through the jeep radio. He’s quick to let the team know just how screwed they are. Jackson’s being held captive at the armory, Scott’s father is at the jail, Parrish has been captured at Eichen (which, seriously, who didn’t see that coming last episode?), and Liam, Cory, and Mason are all about to me massacred in the hospital. Basically, Gerard informs Scott that he doesn’t have the resources to save them all.

But that doesn’t stop Scott and friends from trying. The first reinforcement call is to Theo, who is tasked with tackling the hospital fiasco. That’s a mighty big task to ask of someone you don’t consider part of your pack and I love seeing Theo step up without hesitation.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang reconvene at the animal clinic. We get some funny moments with Stiles and Derek explaining how they met back up during an FBI operation. Stiles initially claims he saved Derek’s life when, in reality, Derek was forced to carry Stiles out after he’d been shot in the toe. Some more slightly forced humor here, but seeing the team all interacting with one another again is a treat.

Then it’s divide and conquer! Stiles and Lydia are tasked with rescuing Jackson, while Scott, Derek, and Malia head to the high school. Their plan? The Anuk-Itle will find them.

Unfortunately, Peter beats the trio to the school and, before he can be warned, has a run-in with the Anuk-Ite. With no time to react, he’s turned to stone…and I’m momentarily stunned because I can’t believe they would get rid of such an important character so unceremoniously…only, they don’t.

Scott, Derek, and Malia arrive shortly after and it becomes clear that Peter isn’t actually dead. He’s not exactly in great shape, but his heart is beating and there’s still a chance to save him. Luckily, Scott also develops an idea. Albeit, I’m not exactly sure where it comes from or how it relates to the statue of Peter.

At the armory, Jackson doesn’t actually appear to need much saving. He smooth talks his way out of trouble and uses his tail to unlock his cuffs. He’s just about to make it out the door when we hear Lydia taking care of the other hunters in the facility with her banshee scream. The two have a touching reunion with lots of hugging, which makes Stiles uncomfortable. His worry soon fades, however, when Jackson announces that Ethan’s in the armory too and that they are “together.” Stiles has some trouble processing Jackson’s new relationship status, but Lydia takes it in stride – “Oh my God; I thought you’d never figure it out!”

Jackson gets Ethan and Stiles takes a detour to grab something Scott apparently needs to face-off against the Anuk-Ite…see what I did there? Face-off…I’m so punny!

Let’s check in at the hospital. Corey and Mason finally say “I love you” and decide to fight back together. Melissa finds and helps Nolan, then enlists his help to retake the hospital. Liam is almost gunned down by one of the “patients” he’s trying to save. He escapes just in time to be ambushed by more hunters in the hallway. Theo arrives just in time to help him into the elevator. While the pair expresses their disdain over dying for each other, they do agree that they are willing to fight together.

And fight they do! In fact, they put on quite the show, along with Corey, Mason, Melissa, and Nolan once they finally arrive. This is where we see our next season finale death – but it isn’t one of Scott’s pack. Gabe is gunned down by his fellow hunters while grappling with Liam. He lingers, saying “It hurts,” as the team watch the scene unfold. Theo can’t watch for long, though, before he steps forward and helps relieve Gabes agony during his final moments. The scene is touching and demonstrates just how much Theo has grown as a character this season.

Back at the school, Scott goes down for the count when Monroe shoots him with a yellow wolfsbane bullet. Malia goes after her while Derek tries to think of a way to save Scott. The final verdict? It’s apparently possible to burn the wolfsbane out of the wound and, because every high school classroom is equipped with a mini-blow torch, Derek is able to do just that…

After, however, he wanders into the hallway and, after the Anuk-Ite impersonates his old flame, Jennifer, is turned to stone.

In fact, we soon find that the injured (but healing) Scott is the only one who hasn’t been turned to stone. And where does his big confrontation with the Anuk-Ite take place? The library, of course!

The showdown is quite interesting. The Anuk-Ite keeps up his shape-shifting as Scott persistently keeps his eyes closed. We get to see it take the form of Void Stiles, the Nogitsune, Derek, Malia, Lydia, a Berserker, the Oni, and a Dread Doctor.

Lots of fun here, but I’ve got two things I need to say. First, this was the perfect opportunity to bring Allison back for a cameo and, while the Anuk-Ite mentions her, it never shifts into her. If anything was going to make Scott open his eyes, it would have been her. Secondly, is anyone else flashing back to the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The First did this exact thing.

Scott manages to keep his eyes shut, but knows keeping it up for long is impossible. So what does it do? Well, he claws his own eyes out to remove the temptation before engaging the Anuk-Ite in combat. The fight doesn’t last long and ends with Scott revealing that he knows the Anuk-Ite’s weakness – because, as a shapeshifter, it’s his weakness too.

At that exact moment, Stiles bursts into the library with a container of mountain ash. When the ash hits the Anuk-Ite, it’s turned to stone. This is exceptional timing, as Monroe is preparing to shoot all of the supernatural statues in the head and heart for good measure. Our heroes wake up and Monroe takes off running.

We also see Sheriff Stilinski take on three deputies at Eichen House to save Parrish and a riveting confrontation among the Argent family. Gerard, backstabbing as ever, created two bullets with the yellow wolfsbane and uses the second one to shoot Kate. Argent arrives in time to inform Gerard that he’s lost and leaves as Kate shifts and attacks Gerard. While we don’ts see it, the implication is that she kills him. Monroe asks for a report on the radio and Liam simply says, “You lost.”

Back in the library, Scott’s having trouble healing his eyes. Derek expresses a concern that if he doesn’t heal soon, the damage will be permanent. Lydia, remembering the first time she kissed Stiles, tells Malia to “kiss him.” She does and, because kissing fixes everything, his eyes begin healing!

So what’s up with the kid at the beginning of the episode? His name is Alec and Scott continues his story, explaining that the people of Beacon Hills aren’t afraid of him and his pack anymore. We get a nice montage, in which we see Liam and Nolan agree to become co-captains, Corey and Mason working with Deaton, Melissa and Argent kissing, Jackson and Ethan finally getting their anniversary date in London, Theo driving, and Peter being Peter. The overall message? Team Scott won the war, but the fight against the hunters (and Monroe) isn’t over yet. They’ve been looking for others to join them. Alec can join them, but he’ll need to fight. And it looks like his decision is made pretty quickly, as the gang all gather and walk away together.

Aaaand that’s a wrap, folks!

I’ll tell you, it wasn’t the best showing ever. I especially have mixed feelings about the fact that Team Scott came through the entire season without taking any major losses. While Jeff Davis reveals earlier this week that he planned to kill at least one major character in the finale, he decided against it in the end. That’s a decision I’m not sure I agree with, but you can read about it here.

I’m also less than thrilled about the way the episode wraps up. What’s going on? Why do they need more help? And why, if they’ve been looking for others, is Alec the only one they’ve found? I get that the show-runners are setting up for future installments of the story, but the whole thing was just a little too ambiguous for me. Not to mention, when do our heroes get a break?! Is this the life they are going to lead forever now? What about school? The FBI? Going to France? There’s a lot of loose ends and miss opportunities here that I’m just not satisfied with.

How about ya’ll? What are your thoughts? What did you like and what do you wish had been done differently?