Fear the Walking Dead is about to return and from the pictures and videos I’ve seen I like the direction this new season is going to be going on. As we hopefully remember, the gang has decided to go out and look for survivors, thanks to Althea’s tapes. We have seen in the previews that they will be meeting the kids in the above picture, named Dylan and Max, we don’t know much outside of that. First off new characters and locations are exciting, and two, I’m excited to see how younger people have and continue to survive in the Apocalypse.

We have to keep our eyes and ears out for this season, as they are really pushing this season to be a tie-in type show. We know that they are going to meet new people, in previews we know that their is an airplane involved this season. In addition the producers have been mentioning this season is going to have a special walker that will tie-in to other shows. You think that is enough to be excited about? But you would be wrong, we know that fan favorite, Daniel Salazar is returning this year in some capacity! This will sound like a TV infomercial, but wait their’s more!


Dwighty boy is making his way to Fear the Walking Dead! Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Dwight got exiled by Daryl in the regular Walking Dead, he was told to find Sherry, well from what we have briefly seen Sherry has been alive, and may still be, as Dwight has been following clues to catch up to her. The easy assumption is that Sherry has continued to travel west which leads to the chance Dwight and Morgan encounter. How the two of them interact is going to be quite interesting, and I’m curious if Morgan and company are going to try to take on the Sherry hunt with Dwight or if they have already seen her!

We can also expect some interesting locations with hanging walker heads and lines of tied up walkers blocking the roads. Walking Dead returns Sunday June 2nd on AMC and I can’t wait for a brand new feel.