Hey you! Yes you, reading this! Do you like Call of Duty and Halo? What about RPGs like World of Warcraft? Do you wish they could have a ménage et toi and pop out some magical threesome-induced baby? Well today is your lucky day, you big ol’ sparkley unicorn, you! Say Hello to Destiny, the prodigal space child that will probably make you pee from excitement at the title screen. Upon starting what may be the most important event since Betty White, you get to formulate your masterpiece of a character. You’ll get to choose its species, gender, overall look, and class status! That’s Right! I said class status!


Like any great RPG, you’ve got your Hunters, they’re the sneak-thieves of the world, best for sniping and stealth. You’ve got your Warlocks, who work well for magic and protection, and you’ve got your Titans. They’re essentially jocks who enjoy the larger weapons. And then you’ve got us at TGON, the greatest people you’ll ever meet…oh shit no…no wait, that’s Mean Girls. My bad. Anyway! Once You’ve decided on the badassery you want to set free on the universe, you ACTUALLY get introduced to the game. You’re revived by your Ghost, an adorable, floating icosahedron-shaped robot that explains that you’ve been dead for quite some time. (Ghost was originally voiced by Peter Dinklage, but they recently went through and replaced him with Nolan North. I really liked Dinklage’s voice, but I’m over it now. I never talk about it. Like at all. I don’t even know why you brought it up.) Ghost helps and advises you on your journey; From giving you weapons to basically saying it would probably be best to NOT die.


Your main goal in this game is to save the galaxy from The Darkness. To do that, you have to travel through multiple planets and moons, fighting off creatures like The Fallen and The Hive, while you search for answers to what’s causing The Darkness. This bomb-ass game is available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, and I recommend it SO HARD. I originally got this game as a rental from Gamefly and I honestly didn’t have high hopes. Two hours into playing, I opened the Gamefly app and purchased my copy. (Shout out to Gamefly though.) I hope you all really really really enjoy this game, because I absolutely know I did. Thanks for reading everyone! Tune in next time!