*Spoiler warning for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 4, episode 15.

Ray/Neron and Nora in Legends of Tomorrow

Neron holds Nora captive on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

As the last episode before the season finale, this episode of Legends of Tomorrow is jam-packed with action. After last episode, Tabitha (the fairy godmother), Neron (Ray’s body), and Gary have taken over the Time Bureau. Gary has bonded with the fairy godmother, which means she has to carry out all of his wishes. Neron, plans a tech conference, “PalmerX,” to out the truth about magical creatures and rollout a mysterious new app. The Legends and Ava gear up for an assault to defeat Neron and Tabitha, and take back the Bureau. Nora makes it her mission to free Mona, who’s been taken prisoner by Neron. Down in hell, Constantine searches for Ray’s soul. There’s a lot going on in this episode, so let’s unpack it.

The mission to take back the Bureau and and free Mona immediately goes of the rails when Gary wishes for Ava, Sara, and Nora to appear before him and have book club. With a bunch of their team members now out of the picture, Nate, Mick, Charlie, and Zari decide to regroup, and sneak into PalmerX to do some recon on what Neron’s planning. They pack their dragon egg, Wuxtible, in a backpack and head off.

At book club, Gary decides that he’s not satisfied, and he instead wishes himself as captain of the Waverider. He, Sara, and Ava get poofed back to the ship, while Nora gets poofed by Tabitha to PalmerX, where Neron forces her to be his date. At PalmerX, Neron reveals that he has a new app, “the Eyes,” that will let people report if they see a magical creature. To prove to the world that magical creatures exist, Neron hauls out Mona and threatens her with death if she doesn’t shift into a kaupe in front of everyone. She shifts, and Neron blasts here with some tech. The Legends jump up to help her, but just as they do, Gary, over on the ship, decides that he needs more of the Legends around to properly play captain. He wishes that Mick and Nate were on the ship with him, Ava, and Sara, leaving Zari and Charlie alone at the conference.

Neron and Nora go back to the Bureau, where Neron is concerned that not enough people are downloading his app. He decides to let one of the monsters loose on DC to get people good and afraid of magical creatures. He orders Tabitha to take Nora to a cell, and Tabitha puts her in the same cell with Mona, who is seriously wounded. Nora asks Tabitha why she’s helping her, and Tabitha answer because Nora is a fellow witch.

Zari and Charlie take refuge in Zari’s childhood home, since Zari is still a kid in the present. Zari (adult Zari) is still looking through the Eyes app’s terms of service, when she sees in the fine print a clause that says that anyone who downloads the app forfeits their soul to Neron, which basically means they’re damned to hell. Zari and Charlie run off to free the magical creatures from the Bureau so that none of them can be used for Neron’s monster attack, but they hurry off so quickly, that they forget Wuxtible in Zari’s house, and child Zari comes home and finds it.

Down in hell, Constantine uses his contacts (cause of course he has contacts in hell), and he gets himself a meeting with the council, and tells them that Neron is planning a takeover of hell – with all of the souls from the app downloads, he’ll have enough power to do so. Constantine proposes a deal – he’ll stop Neron, and in exchange, he’ll be able to go back to Earth with Ray’s soul. The council is playing their own game though, and they offer Constantine the choice of saving Ray or Astra, the little girl that Constantine failed to save from hell a long time ago. Faced with an impossible choice, and unable to turn his back on that little girl a second time, Constantine saves Astra.

On the Waverider, Gary is using his wishes to mess with the Legends, but the Legends reason with him, and he stops. Tabitha poofs away when Nora calls her to try to get her to help Mona, who’s badly in need of medical help. Tabitha says that if Nora were to take the burden of being the fairy godmother from her, Mona would be able to wish herself better. Nora decides to do it and become the fairy godmother to save Mona, which shows just how much she’s grown as a character. Who could imagine her doing this last season when she was a villain? Unfortunately, now that Nora’s the fairy godmother, she can only carry out Gary’s wishes, and she no longer has any power of her own.

The team convinces Gary to use his wishes for good, but when he calls the fairy godmother, he doesn’t realize that it’s Nora (even though the team tries to warn him) and he sends her to hell to help Constantine and Ray. So, she gets sucked through a portal to hell. Oh Gary, all you had to do was wish that Ray and Constantine were safe on the ship, that Neron and Tabitha were back in hell, and that Mona was healed. Would that have been so tough?

Tabitha and Neron realize that Charlie and Zari are sneaking around the Time Bureau, which forces them to work quickly. Zari releases all of the monsters from their cells and, Charlie opens a portal to send them to the ship. Unfortunately, Mona is too weak to get up. Charlie goes to get her, but get’s caught by Neron and Tabitha. Zari opens a portal right into the cell and pulls Mona through, but Charlie is magically immobilized by Tabitha, and remains trapped at the Bureau. Tabitha determines that their new plan will be to have Charlie shapeshift into some terrible creature and attack the city instead.

Things aren’t going so well on Constantine’s end either. He chose to save Astra, but it turns out that after all that time in hell, Astra has turned evil, and no longer wants to be saved. She then proceeds to torture Constantine.

With all of the monsters safely on the ship, Sara prepares the team to take down Neron. Gary thinks they won’t want his help, but the team is ready to treat Gary like he matters to them, and welcomes his help. Since all he ever wanted was to be included, he’s thrilled. It’s right at the end of the episode that Zari realizes she forgot Wuxtible at her house. The show cuts to little Zari playing with the egg, and the dragon hatching. So with everything going on next episode in the finale, there will also be a real, live dragon in the mix.

This was a wonderful episode, full of classic Legends of Tomorrow craziness and action. I can only imagine how the finale is going to wrap all of this up next episode.