Alison’s Quest

Alison sped on the road to save Vanya from Leonard. Deep down she knew that Vanya wouldn’t believe her, but this time she had proof. She was more motivated to save the people that she loves after reflecting on the times she used her powers on her daughter Claire. The chaotic crime scene of the previous night where Vanya used her powers helped Alison locate her whereabouts. I thought it was ironic how quick Leonard was to leave the hospital after losing an eye. Vanya was more blinded than ever if she couldn’t tell how suspicious his actions were. I loved how Alison loved Vanya unconditionally and ripped the bandaid off even if it hurt, but the only problem was, Vanya, couldn’t take it this time. When Alison finally found Vanya and informed her that her boyfriend is actually a murderer by the name of Harold Jenkins, Vanya became upset. Her emotions triggered her powers, but before Alison could say “I heard a rumor” Vanya slit her throat open using her violin strum. This scene broke my heart because Alison is also one of my favorite character next to Klaus. If she’s actually dead, I’m going to be pissed!

Luther’s One Night Stand

In the previous episode, we saw Luther having a good time at a local rave with some fellow furries.  All of the drugs and drinks had worked out in his favor because he was able to forget about his troubles but suffered the consequences the next day. It was bad enough that Klaus had to wrestle with his own drug demons while trying to babysit Luther, but he also had to look after him in the morning. It was funny to see Luther wake up next to a petite hot party girl, knowing that Alison would be mad if she had walked in. Klau’s new sobriety binge became helpful to the family as he informed him about the conversation that he had with his father. When the family was in denial about their father’s suicide, Pogo confirmed that it was he and grace who helped him. At this point, I felt like Luther chose the wrong day to be depressed because Alison needed him.

Sir Hargreeves Biggest Secret

I believed the biggest secret that Sir.Hargreeves kept from his family, was that Vanya was special. I don’t believe that her powers are what makes her special, she’s actually a great violin player if he actually paid attention to her. I originally thought that Sir. Hargreeves kept her away from her family because she didn’t have powers, but in actuality, she has the capability to kill them the same way that she killed Alison. The scenes of Sir. Hargreeves training Vanya to control her powers changed my feelings about him a little bit. He did give her a chance to become a hero, but she was too dangerous and he didn’t want to risk the lives of the rest of the academy members which I could understand. I don’t believe telling Vanya that she was ordinary helped her in any way if anything he turned her into an even bigger threat.

Yay Or Nay?

I enjoyed this episode a lot more than the previous one, so I’m going to say Yay! believe the family’s dysfunctional relationship is what keeps the show edgy and interesting. The only two things that I didn’t like about this episode was that they didn’t allow Diego to properly grieve over Eudora and I wanted to see more of five in actions. Lately, with number five, it’s been more of apocalypse this and apocalypse that. Although it is interesting to see him attempt to save the world on his own, I was hoping to see more of his back story. So far we just know that he was an ex time traveling rebel assassin who changed his mind about his lifestyle after spending a decade alone during the end of the world, but what about the time he spent with his wife? We keep seeing him carry around this doll-like figure of her which makes no sense. I was also disappointed that  Vanya wasn’t too accepting of Alison’s news. Although she did play a roll in forming her miserable and lonely life, it wasn’t entirely her fault. Therefore she didn’t deserve to go out that way. I can tell that Vanya didn’t mean to hurt her sister, but she will have a lot of explaining to do to her family. Hopefully, they will be understanding, but we will just have to find out on the next episode. Till next episode guys!

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