Shadow comes upon Mad Sweeney under a bridge and Mad Sweeney is in a bad way. No making much sense. Again Shadow asks about Laura. Unfortunately Mad Sweeney couldn’t tell him where she is. Mr. Wednesday and Shadow are back in Cairo and in Thoth and Anubis’s funeral parlor. Odin repairs his spear with a branch from Yggdrasil.

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Mama-ji does not seem to like Laura much. They have a little bit of a stand off where Mama-ji shows Laura herself in her Destroyer aspect. Laura told Mama-ji that she needed 2 drops of blood infused with love. Mama-ji told her she possesses the power to destroy in her heart.

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Mad Sweeney finally made it to the funeral home and found banshees. Being his usual arseholeish self he goes in. Mad Sweeney is beginning to remember his past. His life, his wife and child, his people. He is really not ok.

Bilquis is giving the sermon in church which is just wrong. She is wearing a long red dress with a cross down the front of the dress. It’s a perfectly nice dress with long slits to the upper thigh. Classy. Mr. Ibis tells us of Lugh and who he was as he is writing in his book.

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This episode has been nothing but confusing. Mad Sweeney is either losing it or getting right in the head. Watch it and tell me which you think in the comments below. Til next week…