Question/Comment: Oh I disagree!  I think Rick did a great job as Lucifer and rescued the character from the parody that Misha inflicted onto the fandom with.  Lucifer was once an intriguing scary character and Misha, bless his heart, turned him in a farce and nearly ruined Lucifer.  Rick brought the scary back to Luicifer.  After Jared and Mark, Rick did the best job with Lucifer.

Reply: “I can understand how you feel that way, but for my money Misha’s gleeful, sensual delight in causing pain and mayhem were far more sinister than what, in my opinion, amounts to a temper tantrum. I actually liked the first episode with Rick, but by the end of his run, I was very frustrated. That isn’t entirely his fault, of course. I think he did the best with what he was given. It felt to me that the writing was lazy in bringing him back and seemingly forgetting the end of last season. Mark will always be my favorite Lucifer, but I think Misha brought some interesting facets to him that were lost later on.” – Meg, Supernatural Contributor

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