I watched Arrow last week, as usual. Here is a recap and review,  read it or just look at it that’s cool too. There will be spoilers.

Reversal opens with a femme fatal at a bar. She sits at the bar and turns around it’s Laurel and she’s already got a man on her. Laurel seduces the man and next thing you know they are in alley making out and he’s married.

Oliver is doing some of his own seducing. Felicity and Oliver are out to what looks like a fancy dinner date. It has been three years since their first dinner together.

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They are interrupted by a woman who wanted to tell Oliver she is voting against the vigilante referendum. The woman even fangirls over Olicity being back. That leads Oliver to ask Felicity to join him at a fundraiser but she wants to ease back in.  The awkward conversation is again interrupted, thankfully. This time it’s the team calling Felicity. Oliver says “this is how it felt to be you, isn’t it?”

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At the Arrow Cave. A body was found outside of a bar, Dinah is at the scene. The body looks an awful lot like the guy Laurel was with earlier. He died from a sonic scream into the ear. Witnesses saw him leave with a woman, obviously Laurel we all saw it. Mr. Terrific suggests that maybe Black Siren has turned Black Widow, wrong universe buddy. He was an accountant named Jackson Clemovich. He was boring and married. Rene barges in with news that the city is at 74% against the referendum. Time to find Laurel after catching Rene up.

Curtis takes over and sends Felicity back to Oliver.

Next a creepy place near a bridge Laurel meets with an equally creepy guy. Laurel gives him a hard time about being late and he rebuttals with “patience is how wars are won.” She says “the first battle is already over.” I don’t really think killing a married accountant is a battle, maybe if it was Ben Affleck’s The Accountant. Tall dark and creepy doesn’t seem happy that Laurel left a body behind. He gives her another “job,” a manila envelope with the picture of some girl in it. Meeting adjourned.

Felicity didn’t make it back to dinner but she’s back at her apartment inviting Oliver over for “dessert.” There’s someone else in the apartment.

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It’s Felicity’s hacker friend from Helix, Alena and she needs help. She has a black eye from Cayden James. He is going to do something bad that will hurt the entire world and she needs Felicity’s help to stop him.

Felicity helped Helix break Cayden James out of A.R.G.U.S. Alena doesn’t know what he has planned but 4% of planet’s population will be collateral damage. They need to hack his servers to figure out what he is up to.

Back at the Arrow Cave and Laurel struck again, same M.O. Rene wonders if she also made out with her. This one is even more boring than the last, a college librarian. All methods of finding Laurel have been dead ends so far. John deems it time to hit the streets and Curtis has to stay in the cave with Felicity awol.

Felicity continues to ignore Curtis’s calls and texts. The hackers are hacking. Time to head to Helix to hack some more. Uh oh Oliver has shown up to Felicity’s apartment.

Oliver is wondering why Alena is there. Oliver wants in but she says no that’s not his life anymore. He wants the team to know then.

In a car parking garage a yoga gal is all alone and drops her keys but don’t worry Laurel is there to pick them up. She introduces herself as Dinah.

Curtis has a way to track her by tracking her sonic cry and she just cried. The team is off.

Yoga gal is dead. Laurel took her shoes, wtf.

Canary scares her off.

Now to some weird rave looking place and they are being followed. Their meeting with some guy to buy a ghost drive, whatever that is. The guy following them throws down with everyone in the deal. Turns out it was Oliver and he thought he was helping but he wasn’t.

Felicity isn’t happy with Ollie but it’s fine she still got the drive.

The new vic is also boring like everyone else. But Dinah has found a link they all had traces of dymatech 75 on their hands. Dymatech can rub off fingerprints, Laurel was stealing fingerprints. John thinks these people were “invisible” for a reason.

At Helix, John has finally gotten a hold of Felicity but she’s too busy to help.

Curtis has tracked Laurel down via sound waves and found a probable base of her operation. They spy in through cameras and see Laurel and two men. According to John Felicity is in danger.

Uh oh Black Siren, Cayden James and a bunch of gun men are at Helix. Cayden James is played by Michael Emerson. Back in my first episode review/recap I called that Michael Emerson’s character would be the one that rescued Laurel. Looks like I was right.

Felicity is definitely in danger.

Cayden James is after Alena. Don’t worry Team Arrow shows up before anyone dies. A fight breaks out obviously.

Never mind Alena got shot.

Alena is stable in the hospital though.

John was right about the boring people. The nobodies were access managers for International Domain Name Directory. Looks like Cayden James and company are trying to take down the internet.

Oliver visits Felicity to have a talk about guilt and regret.

Oliver’s talk worked and Curtis found the vault for the International Domain Name Directory.

At the International Domain Name Directory vault they’ve been busy, busy killing people, it’s mostly Laurel though. The prints worked and the vault is open.

Team Arrow is right behind them. Cayden has put a virus in to blow the vault up. Felicity can fix it, maybe.

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Cayden expected Felicity and blocked her out. She needs to get to the main processor to fix it. It’s fighting time for the rest.

Arrow S06E04 Reversal

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Oliver is acting as Overwatch to guide Felicity to the main processor. Thanks to Oliver she made it there safely.

Arrow S06E04 Reversal

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Time for Black Siren and the Green Arrow to throw down. She’s noticed something different about the Green Arrow.

John fires an arrow, she destroys it with her cry. Pretty cool. She roasts him on the crossbow though. I like it.


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Felicity did it. The day is saved.

Alena is doing good and want’s to join the start up. She even has a proposal, Felicity’s spinal chip. They plan to adopt the name Helix.

The plan went exactly how Cayden wanted it to. He has even rewarded Laurel with a device to stop Team Arrow from being able to track her. He wanted Felicity to stop him by hacking into the firewall. With Felicity disabling the firewall Cayden was able to upload some code all while putting the blame on Felicity.

Time for Oliver and Felicity’s “dessert.” This time it’s Oliver getting the phone call. It’s Slade and he needs help.

My thoughts:

  • Lots of good action this week
  • The role reversal cracked me up at times
  • I called it with Cayden James
  • So hyped for Slade
  • Oliver needs to get that “dessert”
  • Felicity is totes gonna take the blame on the International Domain Name Directory hacking
  • What’s good with John’s drugs?
  • Still no vigilante
  • I just got why the episode was called “Reversal”

See you next week for some Deathstroke action.

Catch Arrow Thursday nights at 9pm on the CW.