The Annual Lupercalia

The Lupercalia is a lusty anti-valentine voluntary tradition celebrated yearly at the academy. During Lupercalia, three events are held over the season called The matching, The cording, and the hunt. Of course, Zelda and Father Blackwood participated in the event since they are already shaking sheets behind the coven’s back. In season one Sabrina protested to witchy holidays such as The Feast Of Feast, but this season, Sabrina decided to participate in the holiday in high hopes to get a deeper connection with Nicolas Scratch. I was surprised that Sabrina wanted to participate in the event since she has a feminist trait and the holiday is basically an orgy fest. When she did shy away from participating, Zelda tried to pressure her into participating by describing it in an intriguing way. The decision was more tough for Sabrina because she was still a virgin, but Nicolas was so trusting and kind to her that he didn’t pressure her into sex. I loved that Nicolas rather participated in mortal Valentine’s Day instead of the Lupercalia.

Principal Wardwell’s Valentine

Principal Wardwell appeared disgusted by the mortal’s Valentines Day that consisted of love, hearts, and present, but nothing compared to the initial disgust that she had towards her mortal “fiance” she had no knowledge of. As sweet as the man is, she tried her best to eliminate him from her path, but eventually fell for his charm. As funny as it was to see her be tamed by the affections of a mortal, it was also facinating to see her get a foot rub towards the end of the episode. She worked so hard to destroy Sabrina, she needed a break. I wonder what will happen if she really falls in love with him or get married.

Valentines Day Dance Vs. Lupercalia

Sabrina and Nicolas decided to skip out on the hunt during Lupercalia to share a dance warm kisses near the fireplace. Their romance was interrupted by Nicolas’s familiar Amollia who is a wolf similar to the figured in little red riding hood. It hurt him to kill her, but it had to be done because her jealousy was a threat to their love. I was warmed by the scene of Theo coming out to her father revealing who she truly is inside. I was proud of him being open and accepting of his personality. Theo also debuted his new look at the dance. His new haircut and suit wowed her friends and Billy even gave him a compliment. That trip down the stairs taught him the meaning of karma and changed his attitude towards others. Ros definitely caught the eye of Harvey when she blew his breath away wearing her stunning green dress and flaunting her luscious curls back. I love how confident Ros is in her glasses and doesn’t show insecurity while being with Harvey even know he does still have feelings for Sabrina.

Hilda’s New Boss Boo

Hilda became depressed after she tried to become her boss’s Valentine. Last season she shared a moment with him during the raid that ended with a near-death kiss. Hilda knew that the kiss wasn’t a mistake and that her boss really did have feelings for her, but he restrained from falling in love with her until Hilda brought out the demon in him by seducing him in leopard lingerie. I like how he feined for Hilda, but it was presented in a way to make her fearful of him. When he finally explained his ravenous actions, Hilda was able to comfort him by informing him that she is a witch. I love that they were placed in an ironic situation. Now nothing can stand in their way and Hilda can love him for he is. Prior to the seduction scene, Zelda gave her the best pep talk she could after experiencing a proposal from Father Blackwood. I love how Zelda encouraged Hilda to be confident and powerful as she was. At first, I thought Zelda was desperate to be with Father Blackwood for lust and love, but she isn’t in love with him. She seeks power.

Yay Or Nay?

I’m loving this season of The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina so far, but I wasn’t that interested in this episode. I loved the heartwarming scenes and even got in a laugh or two from Ms.Wardwell, but it wasn’t that great as the other ones. I’m going to say Nay to this episode because I thought that Sabrina was going to protest Lupercalia as she did when she stood up for women when running for “Top Boy”. I enjoy watching her make Father Blackwood look stupid, but she just let him have his way Zelda in this episode. I’m not even sure how she will respond to his proposal to her aunt Zelda. Although she didn’t participate in Lupercalia I was expecting to see a badass scene with her in Nick exposing Lupercalia for its sex traditions. I hope this season leads to Sabrina getting too wrapped up with Nick that she abandons her beliefs. We will have to see what these adventures will lead in the next episode. Thank you for reading!

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