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With the acquisition of SportsX continuing to tank, last week’s episode of Ballers focused on Spencer and Joe making the most of a bad situation and trying to bring it back.

After Joe has a ‘Jesus take the wheel’ moment with a night filled with drinking and blow, he and Spencer settle down to make SportsX work. Joe entertains Lance’s offer to buyback the company at seventy-five cents on the dollar for a full day but is pulled from the brink by Spencer. They’re in this together and together they’ll make it work. Ride or die.

Spencer’s first prong of attack: SportsX TV. Talking with the programming execs at the satellite company the network is housed, Spencer finds out the business has NO viewership. The takeaway for him is go with what you know. And what Spencer knows is football. The plan is set in motion.

Courtesy of HBO

As for the actual football players in this drama, Ricky continues his prep to make the Rams. Running into his frenemy and rival Kisan (a younger wide receiver also repped by Ricky’s agent, Jason), they battle it out to see who has what it takes. It’s close but Kisan takes it…and Ricky knows it. It’s a blow to his ego and self-esteem.

Another sufferer of self-doubt: Charles. After being told by Rams’ ownership to jazz himself up and look the part, his wife Julie gives him a better pep talk. She breaks down what Charles needs to do to act AND look the part, not to mention make the Rams a preeminent destination for top tier talent.

Courtesy of HBO

Did I mention that Spencer is actually seeing a Black woman romantically? It’s a Christmas miracle considering the parade of white women that have cascaded into his bed on the three plus seasons of Ballers. Jayda (Joy Bryant) is a beautiful, poised, successful single mother whose son is the next big thing. As Spencer tries to have a “what’s next” chat for the high school superstar, he finds himself rebuffed and disrespected because of his relationship with Quincy’s mom.

The only thing that catches Quincy’s attention and a bit of begrudging respect is when Spencer recognizes a cheat and a hustler when he sees one (what high school senior do you know drives a new Mercedes G Wagon?)…and he recognizes a hustler right back. Let the games begin…

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