Game of Thrones is finally back, however, I am the only one left from the last Game of Thrones season here at The Game of Nerds. I have to say, taking the Game of Nerds Iron Throne by default is rather, lonely and stressful. I can only imagine how the King, or Queen would feel when all is said and done.

Winter has finally come, for everyone, and their is so many things to be excited for, way to many for one article. Seeing the white walkers break down the wall and head south, to seeing so many friends and foes now working for one common goal, life. Does Sir Davos live and remember that he has a wife, has she remarried? What about Hodor, do we sadly see him return fighting for the dead? Who ends up as the King or Queen, who ends up as the hand? Perhaps, nobody does as the Night King and white walkers win. I can go on, what else is in the books that Samwell took? Who is going to tell Jon Snow about his rightful lineage and claim to the iron throne? How does Jon Snow and Daenerys react to finding that their visit to pound town was actually as aunt and nephew?

I think Jon Snow is going to have reservations after finding out about Daenerys and him. I can see Jon wanting to give up his claim to the throne, specially after pledging his loyalty to Daenerys. With all that said, I can see many people from many sides pushing for Jon Snow to be the king based on who he is as a person. All this of course, assuming he is still alive when it’s all said and done. I can see this as a definite possibility.

Daenerys, has wanted nothing more from the very beginning than to be on the iron throne. I don’t see anything stopping her desire to obtain that, be it push back from Cersei, to finding out that Jon Snow has a more legitimate claim to the throne. Daenerys has to be considered a major power player based on having two dragons(currently) if the walkers are defeated.

Cersei, she obviously has an outside chance, you don’t stay in power so long without being crafty, and knowing how to work so many angles. Factoring in that she is hiding idly by in the south while everyone else is up north preparing to fight the walkers. It’s almost like a triple threat match in wrestling while one side just sits back and lets the other two beat each other up in hopes that you can easily defeat whichever side is left. In theory, it’s not at all a bad strategy, but whatever side wins might be so energized knowing their is only one battle left(if it’s the living) or the walkers who know nothing more outside of destruction. Stranger things have happened but we can’t truly rule out Cersei.

Wildcards that can’t be ruled out include Tyrion Lannister and Sansa Stark. Say what you will about the imp, but he just has a way of keeping himself alive. As a strategist I don’t see him being on the front lines, so maybe he is able to keep himself out of the battles and alive. If enough people are knocked off someone else needs to take on the throne. If all of the major players are gone I can see the hand of Daenerys get some serious consideration.

Meanwhile Sansa, has had some time leading the north and is very well respected. With having some time as a leader, support of many of the houses and a Stark, she can’t be ruled out if the other big players fall in the great war. I put this as mildly at best, but can’t be completely overlooked.

Me though, I’m always skeptical about this show, and think and fear for the worst. I am thinking it’s going to be one of two variations. The walkers keep pushing south, and the living can’t win, so with the help of Samwell, Bran, and likely Tyrion, with books and the 3 eyed ravens powers find the place(s) in the past that the walkers couldn’t reach and wait out the winter before starting over again. Either that, or the Night King ends up overtaking the north, the south, and all of the rest and by default owns the iron throne. I just have a sense, after all this, Beric’s words will reign true, “Death is the enemy. The first enemy and the last…The enemy always wins. And we still need to fight him.” I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t seem to shake it.