In watching American Gods we have met a number of deities but Odin is a main character so that is why I chose to tell you about him. There are so many names he goes by. The reason Odin calls himself Mr. Wednesday is the calendar day Wednesday is named for Wotan which is another name for Odin. He is also called the Allfather, the Wanderer, One Eyed, Spear Shaker and many other names.

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Odin is the father and lord of the Aesir Gods of Norse mythology. The Aesir are like the Olympians. The Aesir overthrew the Vanir like the Olympian overthrew the Titans. Odin lead the charge against the Vanir. Odin presides over war, battle, victory and frenzy, poetry, magick, knowledge, healing, death and wisdom. Odin coveted wisdom so much that he gave his left eye for it.

His animals are Huginn and Muninn, his ravens and Geri and Freki his wolves. He even has an eight legged horse, Sleipnir. He is the son of Bestia and Borr and has brothers named Vili and Ve. Two of his sons are Thor and Baldr. Odin has been largely associated with Yule, the Pagan Christmas, and has been called the “real” Santa.

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Odin oversees the Halls of Valhalla. His Valkyries pick soldiers from the soldiers who have died in battle and Odin receives them. Odin is also the leader of the Wild Hunt. The Norse Wild Hunt is different than the Celtic Wild Hunt. The Norse Wild Hunt is a parade of ghosts through the winter sky.

Odin has obviously felt the resurgence in popularity. He is in the movies, books, TV and video games. He is put in the forefront of Viking life and is probably one of the most popular ancient Gods. What is your take on Odin? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…