June is burying John in a grave outside of John’s cabin, meanwhile Virginia is trying to find out where Dakota is. While putting John in the grave she sees one of his pistols and grabs it, however one of Virginia’s rangers sees it and makes her give it up(while Virginia comes back). June asks why Dakota killed her husband, but Virginia makes it seem like she doesn’t know when June obviously thinks that she does.

Fast forward at Lawton, Strand has Grace, Daniel, Sarah, Luciana and now June. Everyone else in the lineup piece together that John has died. Virginia asks everyone where Morgan is, she is going around aiming her gun at everyone trying to get an answer. Virginia gets on the walkie to tell Morgan that if he doesn’t answer she will kill Grace in front of everyone. Morgan shows up in person on his horse, he tells Virginia that it is all over for her. He tells her that if anyone dies she won’t ever see Dakota again. Morgan goes off and tells everyone the truth about Ranger Cameron, and how Janis didn’t kill him, it was really Dakota, and Virginia knew the truth and hid it from everyone. Virginia goes around and tells them not to listen to Morgan, she goes up to Strand and says she told him he would be called up to the big show and this is it. It’s time to kill Daniel, but Strand uses this time to double cross Virginia, the army he leads pulls their guns on Virginia and her army.

Colman Domingo as Victor Strand – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Virginia tries to shoot Strand but he shoots her instead, Virginia grabs Grace as a hostage, gunfight is happening all over. Virginia’s Ranger also is able to grab Daniel as a hostage. Daniel and Grace are thrown into a vehicle, Virginia tells her Ranger to drive off because if they have hostages they still have some leverage. Morgan tracks down Virginia but she refuses to call them back. Strand and his crew want to kill Virginia, but Morgan wants everyone alive and knows if she dies he might not see Daniel and Grace again. He takes Virginia out of Lawton and next day we see him patching up Virginia at the water tower. While Virginia learns that Dakota was the one who saved Morgan back at the Gulch, she flips out. She tells Morgan that she has to see Dakota in person, she has to tell her something and it has to be in person, she tells Morgan that Dakota isn’t her sister, she is her daughter.

Sherry and her group in the SWAT van are hot on Morgan’s tail, he gets Virginia in a vehicle and tries to escape but the vehicle gets shot up so they try to escape on foot. Sherry gets Virginia dead to rights in the woods, and Morgan comes to save her and tells Sherry that right now is not the time, if she dies that means their friends will die. Sherry tells Morgan she is tired of waiting for him and his vision and he is as bad as Virginia. Morgan gets Virginia to his setup, everyone is upset to see her, but Morgan tells everyone that to save Daniel and Grace they have to swap Dakota. Strand, Sherry plus their respective groups are outside of the dam looking for Virginia.

Virginia asks if they can change the terms of their deal, she releases Daniel and Grace, and will let Morgan kill her in front of everyone else if Dakota can stay and live, she would rather die now instead of let the others take their time with it. Morgan can’t go back to clear mode though and brings Virginia back inside and takes her to the makeshift jail. Dakota hates seeing Virginia, who takes this time to come clean about her past. She didn’t kill their parents, she tells her that Dakota isn’t her sister, she is in fact her daughter, she tells her that she figured it would be better not to tell her the fact.

Outside Daniel passes by Strand and asks how he is doing, Strand is not surprised to know that Daniel was playing. Morgan tells Strand and Sherry that Virginia needs to live with what she did, Sherry doesn’t think it’s enough, neither does Strand, Morgan offers his place for anyone that wants to stay and follow their rules and regulations. Everyone else makes it to the dam with the exception of Wendell. Rabbi had a letter that John wrote for June when he thought he wouldn’t see her again, and he gives her the letter. Sherry and Dwight have a talk, she doesn’t agree with what is going on and doesn’t want to go inside with him, she thinks she will find what she is looking for outside the gates and dips out with the other goons.

Strand also doesn’t want to stay, he thinks they are just hiding away and everything that Virginia was building is still out there and could be coming. You also have to think about what is the unknown out there. Strand wants Alicia to go with him but she wants to stay. Everyone behind the dam has come to the conclusion that it is best for Virginia and Dakota to leave together, Morgan tells Virginia how to slip out the back so the Rangers won’t find them. He tells her they aren’t doing it for her they are doing it for Dakota. Before they head out June wants to change Virginia’s dressings one more time.

June tells Virginia that she has a curse, she asks Virginia if she knew what Dakota was capable of back at Lawton. Virginia tells June that she would do anything for her daughter. June takes out one of the pistols that was John’s, she pieces it together that Virginia knew exactly why Dakota killed her husband. June shoots Virginia in the head, as she walks out of the building, she puts on John’s hate, wipes her face, and walks irght out of the settlement, and I presume gets into the car(that Grace and the Rabbi arrived in). Everyone stares at June in shocked sadness with a mix of understanding.

Jenna Elfman as June- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC