The Summoned Witches 

summoned witched

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In the previous episode, we thought that Agatha broke the connection to summon the other witches. It turned out that they received the message because they arrived at the end of the episode angry. The coven was already at the mercy of the Dark Lord and the Pagans, but it seemed that the witches were ready to destroy them too, that is until Zelda explained their situation. I noticed that their coven is widely known for not helping other witches or welcoming them into their space. I feel like their coven definitely needs a reformation. Even if they aren’t vulnerable, the more witches in Greendale the better especially with the Dark Lord on the loose. It was interesting to see the diversity of witches and their abilities.

 Lilith On The Run

After the Dark Lord has preyed on the coven and the mortals of Greendale, his next stop was to his ex-love of his life. He sent her the doll that Adam gifted her when she stole Ms.Wardwells life as a message that he will not have mercy on her. She knew that she couldn’t stay in hell after he found out that witches were praying to her. I wasn’t expecting Zelda to deny her shelter after everything that she has done for the coven and Sabrina. During this scene, I felt really bad for Lilith because I don’t think Sabrina and the other witches see what she has gone through from a light-hearted perspective. They know to expect nothing, but evil from Lucifer was horrible to Lilith. She had no idea of what real love was until she met Adam. Her last hope was the heart of a real Christian woman Ms.Wardwell. It was heartbreaking to see that she had to create the illusion that Adam was still alive to get shelter from her, but it was her last hope. This couldn’t have been the only time she had done something like that because the Dark Lord found her.

Calaban’s Proposal

I thought that Calaban was going to be salty about Sabrina leaving him behind on the island to win the challenge, but he came with an interesting alternative. Instead of challenging her for the throne of Hell, he proposed for them to rule together. This means that Sabrina will have to marry him. I know it sounds bizarre, but when has her age stopped her from doing anything? She is already a teen witch queen and it’s not like she has to take it seriously. Calaban is hot I would’ve said yes! During this scene, she was trying to figure out how to fix Ros, which was the main focus not a marriage with a clay demon. Sabrin has a lot of man problems with Nick, Harvey, and Calaban. When Calaban tried to teach Harvey a spell to bring Ros back to life, it was revealed that Harvey still has feelings for Sabrina. We know that he really loves Ros, but he hasn’t gotten over what he and Sabrina had together.

I don’t believe that Harvey used Ros as a rebound, but I don’t think it’s right to be in a relationship with her if he’s not over Sabrina. It’s just not possible to give your all to someone when you’re still holding on to someone else mentally. It can also because they never had sex and it might have made Harvey hopeful when Sabrina said she never had sex with Nick. I was relieved when they worked together to bring her back. The look on Harvey’s face when Ros became animated showed me that he really does love her and never wants to lose her. He may still have feelings for Sabrina, but she burned her feelings away by carving her name and harvest on a candle. This showed that Sabrina’s relationship with her friends means more than her feelings. Truly selfless.

The Spiderwoman

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Hilda’s curse has gotten worse since the previous episode, she has fully evolved into a spider-woman. If she would’ve told her family or the other witches they could’ve done something to help. Hilda is so sweet kind, and selfless that she didn’t want to burden the coven with her problems, but it has made things worse. It’s one thing to hide something from her family, but she hid it from her fiance Dr.Sea too. I love their relationship, it’s more unique than any other on the show. It’s very genuine in intimate. My favorite part of this scene was when Dr.Sea became attentive to her and went to get her milkshake. It was obvious that she was hideous, but he made sure she knew she is beautiful and loved. Towards the end, the phone call that Hilda made to Zelda sounded like Hilda ate Dr.Sea. Hilda begged Zelda to shoot her. I wondered why Zelda was so quick to pull the trigger, but then I remembered she has killed her before. Usually, when she does, she buries Hilda and she comes back to life. This time, she was shot by Ms.Wardwell and there is no guarantee that she will live.

Rating: 5/5

I loved that this episode had so many curve balls it’s why I look forward to watching this show. My favorite scene was when Sabrina finally tore Nick a new a**. He got so much slack for sacrificing himself for the Dark Lord, but he was really pushing his luck. I love Sabrina because of her bad a** attitude she made sure she set him straight this time. Eventually, Sabrina won’t have to burn her feelings away for him he will do it himself.  Another reason why I loved this episode was because of the Riverdale references. I’ve been craving a crossover since season two, but this is probably the closest that we will get until that decision is made. When Dr.Sea brought back some food from Pops and Hilda ate a Serpent, I got so excited! Hopefully, these references do indicate a crossover episode coming soon.  I really don’t care for Zelda, but it will make the storyline fall off if she really is dead. For the sake of the storyline let this woman live!

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