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Some Neighbours viewers might be forgiven for forgetting that Finn Kelly existed, since most of the Ramsay Street residents certainly seemed like they had. But after four months of being in a coma, Finn is awake again, but because this is Neighbours, he also has retrograde amnesia. Of course he does.

This contains reference to some mildly spoilery rumours.

Understandably, since Finn is a big lying liar, most of the people in Erinsborough are taking his amnesia with a pinch of salt. Only Susan seems to believe that he genuinely can’t remember all the things he did. I don’t know if she’s mentioned it at all, but did you know she had retrograde amnesia once? She might have said something about it once or twice, but I wasn’t sure…

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Susan visits Finn PHOTO: © Channel 5 SOURCE: Digital Spy

I’ve heard rumours that Finn is going to become a regular cast member, and if that’s true, I’m a bit confused as to how he’s going to be living in Erinsborough and not in a prison cell. Some of his greatest hits include attempting to kidnap a teenager then running her over, drugging Susan, and planting what was essentially a chemical weapon in the school. Couldn’t that be classed as terrorism? I’m pretty sure that warrants a bit more of a punishment than picking up litter in the Lassiters complex. Surely it’s going to take a fair bit of acrobatic scriptwriting to be able to manoeuvre Finn through all the loopholes necessary to have him wandering around Erinsborough as a free man.

I’m no legal expert, then neither is Toadie and he doesn’t seem to let it hold him back, but I’m pretty sure that saying you can’t remember all the crimes you’ve committed isn’t really a valid defense, or else our prisons would be empty and there would be a lot more people claiming to have retrograde amnesia, not just Finn and Susan. I know there’s also the fact that Finn experienced major trauma, and he had an aneurysm when he was doing most of his evilling, but again, I don’t think that’s enough to get him off the charges. Luckily for Finn, the only lawyer in Erinsborough has gone away and actually been temporarily replaced by someone who might just know what they’re doing, so it’s surely going to be Imogen who figures out some obscure legal loophole to make sure Finn goes free. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not going to be Toadie.

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Rob Mills stars as Finn PHOTO: © Channel 5 SOURCE: Digital Spy

As interested as I am to see how they’re going to get Finn off the many charges he surely faces, I’m also interested to see where they’re going to go with his character. Is he going to go back to being evil, or is Paul Robinson the only resident villain there’s room for in Erinsborough? I have a feeling they’re going rehabilitate Finn into a good guy, and if they do, I just hope they don’t make him as boring as his extremely bland brother. And where’s he going to end up living? Susan would surely be the most likely candidate to offer him a room, but Elly isn’t going to want him there, and Finn might not want to be under the same roof as Karl in case he yells right in his face again. So I guess poor Finn might be headed to the backpackers, which is a kind of punishment in itself…