Last season saw Dany Targaryen take an extra-long pit-stop in Meereen, where she ruled and fortified her army in hopes of eventually making it to King’s Landing.

Once she gains power, she frees the slaves. Thus, the Sons of the Harpy are born; an underground band of assassins resenting the abolishment of slavery, and opposing Dany’s rule. They wreak havoc on the citizens of Meereen until Dany is approached by a citizen who pleads for the reopening of the gladiator-style fighting pits. Under the pretense that it would return a sense of identity and tradition to Meereen, as well as subdue the societal unrest (and with the persuasion of Daario), she agrees.

Elsewhwere, Varys casts favor on Dany as the next ruler of the seven Kingdoms, and sends Tyrion (he’s in deep trouble with the Lannisters) to her. Long story short, Tyrion takes Jorah’s former role as primary advisor to the queen, and convinces her not to kill Mormont.

Daenerys, having finally agreed to attending the games at the Great Pit of Daznak, is thrown by Jorah’s presence. In an instant, much of the audience dons the golden mask of the Harpies, and the ambush begins.

In a final battle of epic proportions, a draconine screech pierces the air as Drogon swoops down, and flies Dany away from the battle, to the last place she called “home”: The Dothraki Sea.

The final shows a colossal Khalasar of questionable intent encircling our heroine.



So many questions have been asked about Dany’s fate, but one of the more optimistic turnouts is that she be taken to Vaes Dothrak, the sacred city of Khals’ widows.

Article Submitted By Rachel Hill