Before I get into the round-up of this week’s UK episodes, can someone solve a mystery for me? I went on holiday and thought I’d caught up on Neighbours when I got home, only to be utterly confused this week and feel like I’d missed something. Going back through my Sky box, I discovered Friday’s episode unwatched in my deleted folder. The thing is, my best friend has somehow managed to do exactly the same thing with the same episode! Is this a Sky glitch or an us glitch? I’m so confused.

Anyway, after skimming through the mystery episode, I now feel more confident about being able to round up this week.

Roxy Pops the Question

As Kyle and Roxy adjust to the idea of Kyle embarking on his cancer treatment, Kyle is having some pretty heavy thoughts about what this means for them in the future. Once he gets out of his surgery, he learns that the doctors had to remove both of his testicles, so he’s even more worried about being able to satisfy Roxy. In order to prove to him that she’s in it for the long haul, no matter what, Roxy gets down on one knee and proposes. Kyle is a bit thrown at first, but once he’s sure Roxy is asking for the right reasons, he enthusiastically says yes. Sheila and Levi join them to help celebrate, but it’s immediately obvious that Sheila has some misgivings about them rushing into it and doing it for the wrong reasons because she wouldn’t be Sheila if she didn’t have some sort of hot take on her grandson’s love life.

Kyle and Roxy decide to make the fancy dress Christmas party into their engagement party, and so celebrate their impending nuptials dressed as a shrimp and a Barbie, which seems oddly fitting for them.

Sheila is right to be concerned, that dress is hideous. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

The On Again Off Again Naming Day Party

Aaron, David, and Nicolette are planning a naming day party for Isla, going to great lengths to organize everything and then canceling it at the last minute. The reason for the cancellation is the discovery that it was Jane who placed the spycam teddy in the house, to alert her to any sign of Nicolette doing another runner. I have to admit that I never saw that one coming, I thought it was going to be Paul or Leo. Aaron, David, and Nicolette are understandably livid with Jane and call the party off. Seeing that the party would help the three of them grow closer after all the troubles they’ve had, Jane decides to throw a surprise party for them and enlists Chloe’s help to get them out of the house while she decorates. Of course, they come home early and spring her in the process and are absolutely furious again, demanding that she take down all the decorations.

Because this is Neighbours, and nobody can climb a ladder safely, Jane obviously falls while trying to take down the decorations, and is found by Leo, unconscious on the patio. There’s nothing like a brush with death to bring families together, and when Aaron, David, and Nicolette find out Jane is injured they go racing down to the hospital where all is forgiven. They end up having a party of sorts in Jane’s hospital room. Jane should remember this for the next time she and Nicolette inevitably fall out, and just take another dive from a great height.

Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Itchy and Scratchy

There’s an outbreak of some sort of itchy STI in Erinsborough, and now that I’ve watched the mystery episode I think I understand where it came from. Michel, the chaotic Prince of Lassiters, has been using the master key to squat in various apartments, and it seems that it’s him who has left Amy some unwanted visitors, who have also hitched a ride with Ned and Levi. Quite how they’ve spread to Karl, Sheila, and Mrs. Punt is another matter, unless I’ve missed the explanation by accidentally deleting another episode from my Sky box. Amy realizes that Michel has been squatting, and threatens to tell Chloe and get him fired, but Michel threatens her right back by telling everyone that she’s the source of the STI. Michel also turns out to be the particular “Mick” who stalked Aaron back in the day. He is such a loose cannon and I’m finding him so entertaining.

Terese and Glenn Get Closer

Following on from Paul “running into” Glen on the gold Coast, Glen rocks up unannounced in Erinsborough. Paul’s complete inability to read the room continues as he labours under the assumption that Glen has come to spend time with him and attempt to heal the rift between them. In reality, Glen has been drawn by Terese after finding her drunk on the beach. When Glen then turns up at Terese’s AA meeting, the two of them draw even closer, which Paul isn’t going to like one bit when he finds out about it.

Meanwhile, Paul is doing what he does best, meddling in his family’s lives and doing a little spot of nepotism, as he convinces Leo to give Glen a job at the whisky distillery/vineyard. The job raises some pretty big red flags with Terese because of Glen being an alcoholic, and she goes racing out to the vineyard on Glen’s first day to make sure he doesn’t fall off the wagon. Considering that Leo and most of his employees seem to be sozzled most of the time they’re at work, I can see why she’s concerned. Because he thinks everything is about him, Paul misconstrues her visit and thinks she’s angling to get back together with him. Personally, I’m looking forward to this situation blowing up because anything that makes Paul look like a mug is fine by me.

Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy

Another Fancy Dress Episode That did Not Disappoint

I said not that long ago that I love a fancy dress episode of Neighbours, and Friday’s was perfect. We had Kyle and Roxy in their shrimp and Barbie costumes, Mrs. Punt dressed as a giant Christmas pudding (I’m waiting for her to get injured, as she always seems to get knocked over by something in the Lassiters complex), and Karl and Susan in quite possibly the best couples costume I’ve ever seen. Karl is dressed as some sort of sunburnt tourist, with Susan inside a giant bottle of suncream.

Melanie has set herself up as a psychic in the Waterhole for some reason and is pretending to speak to people’s dead relatives, which is an absolutely brilliant idea, especially when your assistant is a small child whose mum died a couple of years ago. Inevitably, Nell wants Melanie to contact Sonya for her, leaving Melanie in quite an awkward position. What was she thinking? Come on, Melanie. She can also contact dead pets, apparently, and reveals the shocking truth about the Kennedys’ bird Dahl, who Susan had thought had flown away. It turns out Mrs. Grundy’s cat tore her to pieces, and Karl knew about it, which means we’re treated to Susan crying whilst dressed as a giant bottle of suncream, and she also gets the award for the line of the week for when she yells at Karl that Dahl isn’t the only bird he’s lied to her about. Absolute genius.