Photo Source: The CW // Jane the Virgin

I’ll tell you this, those Jane The Virgin writers sure know how to pack the drama into the last 15 minutes of the episode. Now, I gotta be honest, I don’t REALLY know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, because it tends to mean that 15 minutes are awesome and the other 25 are sort of dry. This week, though, I’d say the whole episode was pretty damn entertaining. Let’s talk about the most important parts:

Rafael and Petra (and Jane)

You can’t be surprised I started here. After Rafael confessed his love for Petra last week, he’s been waiting on an answer from Petra. She’s pretty reluctant because of their volatile past, understandably, and she likes how harmonious things are now. Rafael then goes to Jane hoping she’ll nudge Petra in the right direction…but Jane doesn’t think it’s a good idea either. Outwardly, her reasons are the same as Petra’s–they’re relationship in the past was very unhealthy. But, as the episode progressed, we learned that Jane also fears what will happen to her and Mateo if Rafael and Petra get together. All I could think was: Really? That’s it?!

No. It wasn’t. 🙂

Jane drunkenly calls Rafael and apologizes for sabotaging his chances, then she admits that she fears he’ll sort of “forget” about her and Mateo. Rafael cuts her off and tells her when he thinks of family, he sees her and Mateo. And he loves her. So much.

And then, for the first time in three years, we saw Jane’s heart glow.

Sadly, I think Rafael thinks it’s never gonna be a possibility for him and Jane, and instead of opening up to him further, she (while crying) reconnected him with Petra. But it’s more than obvious now, Jane is in love Rafael.

We’ll see how this progresses, but it’s only fair that Jane pine for him for a while, considering the amount of time he pined for her.

Xo and Ro

Proving more and more everyday how perfect they are for each other, Xo and Ro have the exact same dreams and plans for their wedding: fairy tale. Officiated by Ricky Martin. As Maid of Honor, Jane had to entertain the wedding planners they hired, but they were unbearable and said Xo was too old for a fairy tale wedding, so things didn’t work out. Jane then took over the planning duties. It turns out planning a fairy tale wedding in 2 weeks is very difficult. Xo also felt like she was doing a lot more work than Ro, who was busy filming his show. At the end of the episode, he let Xo know she’s a priority. And they also asked Jane to officiate the wedding!! I swear, if anyone tries to ruin their happiness, I will end them.


Finally, we may be done with the unbearable character Fabian. This week, he was ultra attached to fling partner, Jane, and she was not having it. When Rogelio accidentally let slip that Jane wanted to break up with Fabian, he went crazy. This resulted in a (sort of) fight between To and Fabian on the back lot. Fabian was being a huge baby and Jane literally had to calm him down by telling him she’s only ever slept with one other guy. But he was still mad and almost punched Rogelio! So Jane punched him. and he whined a lot.

I will NOT miss him.

Finally, In the last seconds of the episode, Rose and Luisa were arrested by the Miami police, and they even ripped off Rose’s mask!

I think it’s safe to say next week’s finale will be eventful.